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One of the metaphors for the Christian life is that we are pilgrims, alien-residents of this world, looking for a better country!  But what we find in our post-modern world is that most people are merely toursists, not pilgrims.  Here is one poetic expression of our disconnected world.

Tourist; that’s what we are becoming…Tourists, we move through life, flitting from idea to idea, from novelty to novelty, from new person to new person. Never settling, always moving…selecting the best sights, the highlights, the choice cuts, avoiding the mess on the edge of town, the slums, all the uncomfortable things, the struggle of really knowing people, never settling, always moving lest we hear the hollow clang of our own emptiness…

Tourists; that’s what we are becoming…inquisitive, curious, picking up the tidbits of other people’s depth…

Tourists, flicking through our snapshots, the paper thin trophies of our click and run existence, filing them away, loading the next roll of film, never settling, always moving,

Tourists; that’s what we are becoming,

Tourists; that’s what we are becoming…

–Mark Greene

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How do you teach your children about money? A pastor’s wife has these suggestions:

1. Teach your children to love Christ more than anything else by loving Christ more than anything else.

2. Teach your children that every good thing comes from God and not because Daddy has a job.

3. Teach your children that Daddy has a job because God has given him a job.

4. Teach your children to be thankful for all that they have by being thankful for all that you have.

5. Continually thank God with your children for all that you have.

6. Continually thank God with your children for all that you do not have because Christ is better by far.

7. Pray with your children for those who do not have.

8. Give to those who do not have.

9. Teach your children to be good stewards by looking after property, clothes and toys.

10. Teach them not to worry about what they will eat or wear by trusting God for all that you need.

11. Don’t spend what you do not have.

12. Share what you do have.

Here are some more suggestions.

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A great post for students as you get ready for summer break!

(Note: I would not recommend Vintage Jesus as a book to read).

HT: Challies)

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