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Last week I linked to a post on angelology or the teaching of God’s Word about angels.  But there are good and bad angels.  Many Christians have sincere concerns about the latter, especially the captain of the fallen angels (demons)–Satan.  So I point you to two articles this week that help answer some key questions about Christians, Satan, and demons:

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Your attention, please!  Does the issue of your attention have anything to do with Christian discipleship? Should we be concerned that “attention spans” are gowing lower and lower in our culture?  Do you have enough time to even think about these questions?

This post is not about the debated psychological problem that many children and adults are diagnosed with.

Rather this is about a challenge affecting all of us who live in the “digital” age with computers, TVs, ipods, blackberrys, Facebook, and email.  Al Mohler nails this problem well in a recent commentary he posted:

We are al living distracted lives that promise only to grow more complicated and distracted in years ahead. The discipline and stewardship of our attention is a matter of great and unquestionable urgency.

Join the revolution and refuse the seductions of the mind-numbing allure of all things digital — at least long enough to think a great thought, hear a great lecture, enjoy a quality conversation (with a real, live face-to-face human being), listen to a great sermon, visit a museum, read a good book, or take in a beautiful sunset.

People who cannot maintain mental attention cannot know the intimacy of prayer, and God does not maintain a Facebook page. Our ability to focus attention is not just about the mind, for it is also a reflection of the soul. Our Christian discipleship demands that we give attention to our attention.

Mohler was responding to an article posted in the Journal The American Prospect. If you wish to read his whole essay which links to the original article, go here (that is you can give it your undivided attention).

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Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to you all! I hope all of us take some time to remember the thousands upon thousands who have laid down their lives that we may have freedom to worship and to govern ourselves. Also many will be visiting and/or decorating the gravesites of their loved ones. And don’t forget to think of our Savior who gave the ultimate sacrifice that we may have everlasting joy!

Here are three Christian perspectives on Memorial Day!

  • Al Mohler reminds us of the sobering debt we owe to past generations
  • Gene Veith offers thought on how to re-claim this holiday
  • Noel Piper talks about her granddaugther Felicity who never lived to see her first Memorial Day

How are you or did you celebrate Memorial Day?

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I took a brief break from blogging last week to attend to some other areas I was falling behind in and to minister to a family who lost a loved one.  I plan to resume my normal blogging routine this week.  Thanks for all who visited last week and read past articles!

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