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Living under annoyances

“We can patiently live at present under toil, hunger, cold, contempt, disgrace, and other annoyances; contented with this, that our King will never abandon us, but will supply our necessities until our warfare is ended, and we are called to triumph. . .Since then he arms and equips us by his power, adorns us with splendour and magnificence, enriches us with wealth, we here find most abundant cause of glorying, and also are inspired with boldness, so that we can contend intrepidly with the devil, sin, and death.”–Calvin

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“The fact is, Paul never hesitated to introduce sovereign grace in his letters, often placing the subject at the very headwaters of his stream of thought.

If Paul felt the doctrines of grace to be so foundational to other biblical truths, then so should we. The apostle has urged us, “Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1). As we seek to follow his example in life and ministry, we, too, should speak and teach openly on the sovereignty of God in salvation. The apostles obviously did not adopt the strategy of so many preachers today, who claim to believe these truths in the privacy of their studies, but who feel they are to controversial to discuss in the pulpit. To the contrary, Paul felt the doctrines of grace were bedrock truths upon which the entire Christian life is built, core doctrines for all Christians to embrace and experience. To Paul, these truths were so important, he put them out in the open.–Steve Lawson

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