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Among othere here are some outstanding qualities of the Scripture. These should spur us on to the reading, meditating, meditating, studying, hearing, and applying of God’s Word.Necessity.  The Scripture is necessary, to articulate the nature of God and the truth of redemption. Neither nature nor God’s image in man can supply sufficient truth to adequately understand the work of redemption. Man knows God intuitively, but this intuitive knowledge is insufficient to save man.

  • Inspiration. Scripture is God-breathed. It is the perfect product of God’s superintending work through human authors.
  • Infallibility. Because the Scripture is God-breathed, it is free of falsehood, and incapable of teaching falsehood.
  • Inerrancy:  The Scriptures never affirm anything contrary to fact. They are free from error. In all their teachings they are true!
  • Authority. The Scripture, as the inspired Word of God, carries the authority of God.
  • Self-authentication. The Scripture attests to its own inspired nature, that it is the Word of God.
  • Perspicuity. The Bible can be understood. It is not equally easy to understand in every part, but yields itself to study, and makes clear the truths necessary for redemption, even to the unlearned.
  • Sufficiency:  Scripture contains all the words of God that He intended His people to have. It contains everything we need for trusting God fully and obeying Him completely.
  • Finality.  There is no greater authority or truth to which men can appeal than the Scripture.

I believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, infallible, sufficient WORD OF GOD. Through His inspired Word God speaks to His people today, as He has in every age.

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Paul Tripp talks about 5 things that are true of every child (and of every adult) and how this impacts our ministry in their lives.

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