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A mission world map

A fun, interactive tool for you and your children to learn about what is happening around the world in missions.

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Singing perfectly

Singing_3This is just for fun, especially for you music-lovers, those who love to sing, as well as those who wish you could sing.  Wouldn’t it be great to have perfect pitch.  Most of us are too old to learn this method, but Gene Veith says one teacher has devised a method to teach kids how to sing perfectly. This looks even better than the Suzuki method of teaching piano!

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I read “The Guy’s Guide to Marrying Well” with my oldest son.  Now I will have to read and discuss (with my soon to be 18-year-old daughter) the “The Girl’s Guide” that has been released by Boundless. Here’s what is is about:

Most women hope to marry, but for many, it’s not happening like they thought it would. It seems too far away, or too unlikely, given the men they know and those they’re meeting. Some wonder if their standards are too high. Others suspect all the good men are already taken.

It’s not enough to just coast along, counting on today’s dating culture, and our culture’s definition of marriage, to deliver a God-honoring and timely marriage to a good man. If you hope to marry well, you need to do more — and less — than what the culture says.

By understanding and embracing God’s design for marriage — as well as a principled approach to it — you have a better shot at not only getting married, but marrying well.

That’s where this booklet comes in. Based on the counter-cultural, biblical concepts of intentionality, purity, community and Christian compatibility it’s designed to encourage and equip you for marriage. Not marriage at all costs, but marrying well for your good and God’s glory.

Here’s how to get the FREE downloadable booklet.

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I came across this blog called “The Daily Spurgeon” which offers a “daily reflection and inspiration from the “Prince of Preachers,” Charles Haddon Spurgeon.”  Bookmark and feed your soul!

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This emphasis in this post is not on “I” but on “thinking” about.  We are all thinking about something or more than likely some things.  Here are some of my musings that come basically from the episode on “Social Order” from the Truth Project.

  • “For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.” (James 3:16, ESV). Oh, how true this verse.  It seems as if in every sphere of life there is disorder because of selfishness or jealousy.  If you have lived long at all you have seen disorder in the spheres of law, politics, economics, church, family, and labor.  We almost talk about disorder as if it is “natural” because it seems like everyone lives with this “disorder” or that “disorder.”  When we don’t follow God’s design in these spheres, we go against His nature and character. The result: sin and disorder.
  • The first time that any one in all of the universe experienced “aloneness” was after God created Adam and before he created Eve.  Up until then, there had been no “aloneness”,  for the Trinity has eternally experienced perfect community and fellowship
  • If you believe in evolution, could you tell me how long it took the chicken to figure out how to make the incredible edible egg that has three main parts and is designed ideally for the protection and the hatching of the chick?
  • The truine structure of the Godhead is stamped on so much in our world, especially in God’s design of social order (think of the the family, church, etc.)

Now that I’ve told you what I’ve been thinking about, what have you been thinking biblically about lately? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from some of my readers.

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When lightning strikes

lightning“Under the whole heaven he lets it go,and his lightning to the corners of the earth.”–Job 37:3

I love to see lightning!  Late Sunday night there was an awesome display of lightning in the West county area of Erie, PA.

There are 1.3 billion lightning strikes a year, so someone has figured out. Click here to see 26 pics of lightning in recent months!

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I listened to this message by Voddie Bauchman that was preached at the True Church Conference earlier this year.  He preached from Psalm 51 on why we should be broken over sin.  Here are his main points. We should be broken over sin because:

  • Sin stains and scars my soul (51:2)
  • Sin creates memories that stay with us (51:3-5)
  • Sin is an affront to God (51:4-6)
  • Sin is a hindrance to the true worship of God (51:7-9)

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