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Our young people and children are studying the fruit of the Spirit this summer on Wednesday night.

So, which fruit of the Spirit do you think you need to develop more in your life currently?

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Question of the day?

If you could spend a day with anyone [who isn’t a normal part of your life], who would it be?

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Question of the day

When was the last time you had trouble getting through a book because the book was reading you?

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Archaeologists using lasers to clear away centuries of mineral accretions have uncovered in a 4th century Roman catacomb the earliest paintings of Sts. Peter, Paul, Andrew, and John.

Here’s Paul.

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Here are some articles worth perusing to help you think from a Christian worldview about some items in the news

Russell Moore reflects personally on five years after Hurricane Katrina

More from Dearbon, MI where Christians were arrested for witnessing at a Muslim festival

God and the Oil Spill

Thinking theologically about immigration

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An impassioned plea:

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What would you do if you found a significant amount of cash alongside the road?

WORLD reports:

A Pennsylvania motorist found $3,600 in cash, and returned it to the newlyweds who had driven off with the money on top their car.

Rest of the story here.

Integrity is still applauded today!

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