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Here (video link) are three men who claim they are Jesus.  How pathetic.  “For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform signs and wonders, to lead astray, if possible, the elect.” (Mark 13:22)

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Some missionaries supported by our church wrote today about the rainfall they are experiencing. But they aren’t in the worst areas affected by this massive rainfall. The Big Picture has a photo essay:

“The floods have lifted up, O LORD,the floods have lifted up their voice;the floods lift up their roaring.” Psalm 93:3

(AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)

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Some resources that look to be trustworthy and helpful in dealing with two of the most popular books on the market today–both of which contain false teaching in them.

Tim Challies reviews a book called Burning Down the Shack.

Greg Koukl offers some resources entitled The Secret: A Fatal Attraction at a reasonable cost.

Read, think, and interact.

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In my message this last Lord’s Day I pointed out from Mark 1:21-28 that the listeners in the synagogue at Capernaum were amazed at Jesus’ teaching and at his ability to cast out a demon.  They were astonished, thunderstruck, and deeply impressed.  But then I added,

But notice, that is all they were—amazed. This miracle lead them to wonder but not to belief! And wonder or amazement alone regarding Jesus leads to hell. And although Mark records more miracles proportionately than any other gospel, he still shows that Jesus performs this miracles selectively and somewhat sparingly because only when a wonder is connected with faith in the recipient does it produce true salvation.

We have seen faith in the disciples. But here we only see amazement in this congregation. Oh, they go out “at once and spread his fame everywhere throughout all the region of Galilee—without telephones, texting, faxing, or internet, but they stop at wonder and amazement and don’t come to faith!

Friends, Jesus doesn’t want or need your amazement or astonishment ! He wants repentance—falling flat on your face before Jesus, the Holy One—and he calls you to faith—fearing Him as your judge and running to Him as your Savior. That’s the only way to be released from the spiritual bondage of sin that grips your spirit.

Here’s a pdf or mp3 of this whole message “When Demons Go to Church.”

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“Throughout Romans 5:12-6:23, Paul virtually personifies sin–that is, he uses personal language to describe sin’s nature and influence. Sin, he says, is not an isolated act of disobedience but a power that grips and controls us. This, sin is a king who reigns (5:21;6:12), a slave-owner whose servants we are (6:6, 16), and a general whose weapons we have become (6:13–“instruments”; the Greek word is hopla, “weapons”). He also speaks of “the wages of sin” (6:23)–sin is an employer whose salary structure for sinners brings them only to death.” (emphasis added)

–Sinclair Ferguson, By Grace Alone, p. 107

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