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How to look to God

“True saints, like obedient servants, look to the Lord their God reverentially; they have a holy awe and inward fear of the great and glorious One. They watch obediently, doing his commandments, guided by his eye. Their constant gaze is fixed attentively on all that comes from the Most High; they give earnest heed, and fear lest they should let anything slip through inadvertence or drowsiness. They look continuously, for there is never a time when they are off duty; at all times they delight to serve in all things. Upon the Lord they fix their eyes expectantly, looking for supply, succor and safety from his hands, waiting that he may have mercy upon them. To him they look singly; they have no other confidence, and they learn to look submissively, waiting patiently for the Lord, seeking both in activity and suffering to glorify his name. When they are smitten with the rod they turn their eyes imploringly to the hand which chastens, hoping that mercy will soon abate the rigor of the affliction.”

Charles Spurgeon, The Treasury of David, Vol. 3p.40

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Don’t forget Sunday’s coming!

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With help from the ESV Study Bible, Justin Taylor provides an attempted a harmony/chronology of the words and actions of Jesus in the final week of his pre-resurrection life.

Here’s what happened on Friday.

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