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The love of Christ! Such a precious theme! Of it, can we ever weary? Never! Its greatness, can we ever know? Never! Its plenitude, can we fully contain? Never! Its depths cannot be fathomed, its dimensions cannot be measured! It passes knowledge! All that Jesus did for His people was but the unfolding and expression of His love.

Traveling to Bethlehem — I see love incarnate!

Tracking His steps as He went about doing good — I see love laboring!

Visiting the house of Bethany — I see love sympathizing!

Standing by the grave of Lazarus — I see love weeping!

Entering the gloomy precincts of Gethsemane — I see love sorrowing!

Passing on to Calvary — I see love suffering, and bleeding, and expiring!

The whole scene of His life — is but an unfolding of the deep, and awesome, and precious mystery of redeeming love!

“May you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should — how wide, how long, how high, and how deep His love is. May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully!” Ephesians 3:18-19

~ Octavius Winslow (via Lee Dodd)

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Here’s the latest in the slippery slope that John Eldredge is taking. His early books raised some questions.  Later books were bad. Now it’s getting worse.

Tim Challies comments on the Eldrege’s latest book:

Some things go pretty far beyond parody. I’d have to put John Eldredge’s new book Beautiful Outlaw in that category. Here’s a sample quote (and yes, this is actually taken verbatim from the book). To get the full effect you should probably read it out loud.

I have had similar encounters with Jesus in healing prayer. Last year, as a wise old sage was praying with me through some of the painful memories of my life, I was immediately reminded of the time in middle school when my first girlfriend broke my heart. These wounds can linger for a lifetime if you let them—the first cut is the deepest, and all that. We asked Jesus to take me back to the memory. I saw us, the girl and me; it was that fateful summer day. We were in the living room, just as it happened. Then I saw Jesus enter the room. He was quite stern with her, and it surprised me. That mattered to you? I wondered. Very much, he said.

Then Jesus turned to me. I felt his love. I realized I could let the whole thing go. It was so healing. To understand that Jesus is angry about what happened to you is very, very important in understanding his personality but also in your relationship with him and for your healing. What I love about these encounters is that every time—every time—Jesus is so true to his real personality. Sometimes fierce, sometimes gentle, always generous, and often very playful.

My son was having a tough freshman year at college. So many students there are bound under the religious fog. It was a lonely fall, filled with misunderstanding. One afternoon, just after a classmate said something particularly hurtful to him, Blaine returned to his room and slumped onto his bed, about as low as a young man can get. He looked over to his desk, and “saw” Jesus sitting there, in his desk chair, a smile on his face. He was wearing a pirate hat. Then he disappeared. A whiff of the Emmaus road.

Well, it’s a whiff of something, I guess.

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As Reformation Day (Oct. 31) approaches, Ligoner will be presenting a series of posts about the major Reformers who led the effort to restore the church in the sixteenth century—Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, William Tyndale, Heinrich Bullinger, and John Calvin. These posts are excerpted from Pillars of Grace by Dr. Steven J. Lawson. In this book, Dr. Lawson traces the teaching of the doctrines of grace from the Early Church Fathers to the Reformers. Each chapter focuses on one man and includes a biographical sketch. It is these biographical sketches that we will be posting on the blog. We hope you will enjoy and learn from the stories of these remarkable men. In today’s post, Dr. Lawson offers some background on the Reformation and the Reformers.

Here’s the first installment!  

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Watch this! Joel Shorey recites Hebrews 1-13! That’s right, not Hebrews 1:13 but the whole book!

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My wife and the provost at Patrick Henry University share the same birthday!  (No, it is not the same year, but same day).

Do you share a birthday with a famous person?

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