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Read Sinclair Ferguson’s “A Catechism on the Heart” in this month’s TableTalk. 

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This is NT Tongues?

D. A. Carson is one of my favorite authors and without dispute one of the most distinguished NT scholars of our day.  I have profited greatly from both his writing and speaking ministry. I praise God for the spiritual encouragement and help I have received from his ministry.

However, he is also a continuationist, which means he believes there is biblical support for the ongoing NT gift of tongues. On this point I disagree with him.

Jesse Johnson has a really, really good article that shows how Carson argues for tongues—notably what kind of tongues he believers are being spoken today. It’s really an easy article to read and it shows how untenable the position of the NT tongue advocates really is and to what length they must go to explain their position.

Read DCRSN’s Defense of Continuationism here.

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One simple prayer

Click to enlarge.  HT: Eddie

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Paul wonders what would happen if every Christian checked God’s facebook as often as they checked their facebook account?

What is the ultimate facebook?  Have you checked God’s facebook today?

Excellent exhortation here. 


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God can fill the hungry soul

“God can fill the hungry soul. He is called a fountain. ‘With thee is the fountain of life’ (Psalm 36:9). The cistern may be empty and cannot fill us. Creatures are often ‘broken cisterns’ (Jeremiah 2:13). But the fountain is filling. God is a fountain. If we bring the vessels of our desires to this fountain, he is able to fill them. The fullness in God is an infinite fullness. Though he fill us and the angels which have larger capacities to receive, yet he has never the less himself. As the sun, though it shines, has never the less light.

~ Thomas Watson

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What frees us from fear

“The gospel is what frees us from fear. In Christ, God accepts me. He is my father, I am his son. There are no conditions on his love, no earning that I must do. I don’t need more acceptance. I have enough in Christ. If others think poorly of me, who cares? If I fail, then I’ll fail knowing that God still delights in me. I am free to step out and risk my reputation, because my identity isn’t found in my reputation, it’s found in Christ.”–Stephen Altrogge

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How do live out in faithful obedience the commands and instructions in God’s Word to mediate on God’s Word (Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1:3, Philippians 4:8)?

How do you prepare to meditate in this distraction-crazy world?  How do we start? What does it look like?  What would be passages we should meditate on?

The Crossway blog features some brief thoughts from Kent and Carey Hughes. Kent Hughes has helped me in this area over the years as I have returned to his book Disciplines of a Godly Man many times.  So read this post and be sure to click on the link to Joe Thorn’s brief exhortation regarding meditation in the post.

Feel free to post a comment on what you have learned best aids biblical meditation in your life.

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