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At a recent pastor’s conference I attended one of the questions was “In light of  how quickly homosexuality and so-called same-sex marriage is being legalized and legitimized  in our culture, how are you preparing your church to respond to this issue?”  There was a very interesting back and forth between the speakers and all of the points were very helpful.

Kevin DeYoung was not among the speakers but perhaps he heard about the question.  Even if he didn’t he answers that question well in this post where he talks about how we need to understand who we are talking to when we engage people on this issue.

He writes:

  • If we are speaking to cultural elites who despise us and our beliefs, we want to be bold and courageous.
  • If we are speaking to strugglers who fight against same sex attraction, we want to be patient and sympathetic.
  • If we are speaking to sufferers who have been mistreated by the church, we want to be apologetic and humble.
  • If we are speaking to shaky Christians who seem ready to compromise the faith for society’s approval, we want to be persuasive and persistent.
  • If we are speaking to liberal Christians who have deviated from the truth once delivered for the saints, we want to be serious and hortatory.
  • If we are speaking to gays and lesbians who live as the Scriptures would not have them live, we want to be winsome and straightforward.
  • If we are speaking to beligerent Christians who hate or fear homosexuals, we want to be upset and disappointed.

And he then provides ten commitments that we must make to each other, to our friends, and to our opponents on this issue which are as follows:

1. We will preach through the Bible consecutively and expositionally that we might teach the whole counsel of God (even the unpopular parts) and to avoid riding hobby horses (even popular ones).

2. We will tell the truth about all sins, including homosexuality, but especially the sins most prevalent in our communities.

3. We will guard the truth of God’s word, protect God’s people from error, and confront the world when it tries to press us into its mold.

4. We will call all people to faith in Christ as the only way to the Father and the only way to have eternal life.

5. We will tell all people about the good news of the gospel, that Jesus died in our place and rose again so that we might be set free from the curse of the law and be saved from the wrath of God.

6. We will treat all Christians as new creations in Christ, reminding each other that our true identity is not based on sexuality or self-expression but on our union with Christ.

7. We will extend God’s forgiveness to all those who come in brokenhearted repentance, everyone from homosexual sinners to heterosexual sinners, from the proud to the greedy, from the people pleaser to the self-righteous.

8. We will ask for forgiveness when we are rude, thoughtless, or joke inappropriately about homosexuals.

9. We will strive to be a community that welcomes all those who hate their sin and struggle against it, even when that struggle involves failures and setbacks.

10. We will seek to love all  in our midst, regardless of their particular vices or virtues, by preaching the Bible, recognizing evidences of God’s grace, pointing out behaviors that dishonor the Lord, taking church membership seriously, exercising church discipline, announcing the free offer of the gospel, striving for holiness together, and exulting in Christ above all things.

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Adrian expands on these six things that Christians and Muslims differ on.  Click here for much more explanation and documentation.

  1. Whether or not Jesus should be worshipped
  2. Whether Jesus should be described as the “Son of God”
  3. Whether or not Jesus actually died
  4. Whether Jesus was substituted for us on the cross or another man was substituted for him.
  5. Who Jesus promised as His replacement
  6. How can people be saved

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The war on girls is raging in many societies.  Eric Metaxas explains what the truth is–including how there are 160 million “missing” women in Asia–that’s “missing” as in “never being born.

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An 8-part series by Robert Jones

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One new discovery of the glory of Christ’s face, will do more toward scattering clouds of darkness in one minute, than examining old experience, by the best marks that can be given, through a whole year.

— Jonathan Edwards, quoted by Jared C. Wilson inGospel Wakefulness(Wheaton, Ill.: Crossway Books, 2011), 79


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Terry Enns writes “The audio from the recent “Pure Life Conference” hosted by Calvary Bible Church in Fort Worth has been posted.

This conference was designed to help men address sexual temptation and sin with biblical purity.  Our own associate pastor, Keith Palmer taught the third session in this one-day seminar.  The topics included:

  • “The Peril of Sexual Lust”
  • “Understanding the Heart of Sexual Lust”
  • “Practical Strategies for Battling Sexual Lust”

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Having just preached through 1 Peter 1:6-9 on the purposes of trials and afflictions I found this to be an excellent reminder. We are not “removed from the arena of pain” but we are “upheld in the arena of pain.”

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