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When we get together over a meal, why do we fill it with idle chatter about the local sports team and American Idol and then transition to “spiritual” time in a drum circle? What if we reclaimed the dinner table for meaningful conversations about what Jesus has done and how the Holy Spirit is leading us today? We don’t have to be in a circle to talk about conviction, repentance, and the excellencies of Christ. When we relegate these conversations to specific times of “care and share” or Bible study, we are effectively compartmentalizing our lives. We are propagating the belief that these conversations and convictions should not spill over into unsanctioned times. We condition people to make a mental separation between spiritual and practical matters. When should our talk not be salted with the gospel? I am not saying that every conversation has to be an exegesis on propitiation. There are times for small talk and banter about our favorite sports teams. But if we talk about Jesus only during Bible study, if we pray only in that circle, if we cannot articulate the gospel’s influence on our view of politics, business, sports, and entertainment, then we are not living transformed lives. We are still compartmentalizing the gospel.

– Brad House, Community, p.98


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“We need grace for the little things just as much as we need grace for the big things.”

That’s a lesson I need to reminded of constantly.  Pastor Mike Leake shares how he was reminded of this lesson again when he tried to fix a garbage disposal and then applies this lesson to all of life–even our prayer life.

Read “Grace for the Little Things.”

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Awe in Norway

These pictures are stunning.  Let them lead you today in praise and adoration of our great and creative God!

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Ever Loving Truth for $2.99

Voddie Baucham has a message for Christians in today’s culture—it’s time to take a stand for the truth. In The Ever-Loving Truth, this powerful preacher and teacher addresses the cost of being a twenty-first century Christian and helps adults apply the unchanging truth of God’s Word to contemporary life issues.

The Ever-Loving Truth draws parallels between committed Christians in our society and the New Testament writers, Peter and John, as followers of Christ who proclaimed and stood for truth in their non-Christian environment. Participants will find this compelling study leads them to evaluate what it means to be a Christian today and how to apply God’s unchanging truth to a variety of circumstances.

Twelve Challenges Churches Face for $3.99

If you have ever witnessed a church split or a denominational dispute, you know firsthand that the same sort of struggles impact our churches today. In Twelve Challenges Churches Face, pastor Mark Dever—a leading authority on the subject of church health—tackles this and eleven other major challenges we must fight to overcome.

These twelve challenges, if left unchecked, can cripple a church and stifle its ministry to a needy world. But if individuals and churches immerse themselves in God’s Word and heed Paul’s instruction, God will heal even the sickest church and transform it into a powerful vehicle for proclaiming the gospel of Christ.

MARK DEVER, author of several books and articles, serves as the senior pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington DC. Along with his pastoral responsibilities, Dr. Dever also ministers as the executive director of 9Marks. His other Crossway titles include Nine Marks of a Healthy Church and The Deliberate Church. Dever and his wife, Connie, have one son.

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George Whitefield (1714–1770), a contemporary of John and Charles Wesley, was an influential figure in the Great Awakening. He toured New England, England, Scotland, and Wales, preaching to crowds that at times numbered in the tens of thousands.

You can read some of his selected sermons in this free e-book from Logos. (NOTE:  You don’t have to own a Logos package to get this).  Good through end of July 2012.

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