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Parents, here’s a great reminder and some solid counsel for us all!  Just read Chris Brauns’ post.

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Aaron Armstong:

One of the things I love about the Puritans is their commitment to the study of Scripture. When you read the works of the Puritans (and those heavily influenced by them), like Richard Baxter, John Owen, Jonathan Edwards and so many others, it’s clear that they thought deeply about the Scriptures and their application in a way that many of us—even the most committed—struggle to in the same fashion. According to Allan Harman in Matthew Henry – His Life and Influence, their approach basically took into consideration the following questions

What do these words actually mean?

What light do other Scriptures throw on this text?

Where and how does it fit into the total biblical revelation?

What truths does it teach about God, and about man in relation to God?

How are these truths related to the saving work of Christ, and what light does the gospel of Christ throw upon them?

What experiences do these truths delineate, or explain, or seek to create or cure?

For what practical purpose do they stand in Scripture?

How do they apply to myself and others in our own actual situation?

To what present and human condition do they speak, and what are they telling us to believe and do?

Read Aaron’s comments under each one of these questions.

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David Platt in his recent T4G 2012 message spoke with anguish about the state of man before God apart from Christ as utterly hopeless.  He quoted two men who described hell accurately:

Thomas Watson: “Thus it is in Hell; they would die, but they cannot. The wicked shall be always dying but never dead; the smoke of the furnace ascends for ever and ever. Oh! Who can endure thus to be ever upon the rack? This word ‘ever’ breaks the heart.”

George Whitfield used to speak with tears in his eyes of “the torment of burning like a livid coal, not for an instant or for a day, but for millions and millions of ages, at the end of which souls will realize that they are no closer to the end than when they first begun, and they will never, ever be delivered from that place.“

Let us think and speak of hell correctly.

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