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Pastor Scott Meadows has uses some strong words [by our modern standards], but I believe he offers a biblically accurate assessment of what really happens when the Roman Catholic Church elects a new pope.  He begins:

Joseph Ratzinger (a.k.a. His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI) just announced his resignation from the Papacy by the end of this month, February 2013. The process of selecting a successor has begun, with all of this garnering much attention in the news media. As a theologian and pastoral leader, my conscience constrains me to comment.

Years ago I was asked my opinion about the new Cardinal of Boston. I replied, “That’s like asking me about the new captain of a pirate ship. The whole enterprise is illegitimate.” I do not deny that these events may have momentous implications, but I strongly and solemnly protest the show of reverence and awe for such men and for this religious institution even from those who should know better.

A great champion of the biblical faith once wrote a magnificent book entitled, Christianity and Liberalism (1923). In it, J. Gresham Machen detonated an enduring and powerful blast against theological liberalism by asserting that it is not Christianity at all, but an alternative, a competing religion, and deeply anti-Christian.

The same is true of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). Plainly it is not the Christianity of the New Testament’s apostles and early Christians, as those in agreement with them, and knowledgeable about Roman Catholicism, can discern and attest. At crucial points, the RCC has steadfastly opposed that faith once-for-all delivered to the saints. Historically, she has even slaughtered a great host of Christian believers unjustly branded as heretics. At least since the Council of Trent (1545-1563), the RCC has formally, meticulously, and vociferously repudiated the true, biblical Gospel of Jesus Christ, pronouncing curses upon any who dare to preach it. For example. .  .

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Mike is pretty frustrated with all the illogical assertions that have been repeated by those in favor of abortion recently.  But he believes the Bible offers an answer as to why those who propagate lies [that everyone knows are lies] can do so with no compunction at all. Read “A Depraved Mind, Darkened in Understanding” to better understand the connection between radical or total depravity and those who argue for abortion rights.

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Thom Rainer conducted a non-scientific study and yet a helpful survey of ten things pastors desire in church members and ten things church members desire in pastors. You may think some should not rank so high or that obvious ones were left off the list, but these are at least points to start a discussion.

I link to these not so that you might rate your members if you are a pastor nor that church members might rate their pastors, but that we could all take a look at our own lives and see if we are being what God desires us to be.  So pray that you might better fulfill your role–whatever that might be and pray for one another that we would together strive to be more like Christ and that as a church we may represent our Savior well as His ambassadors.

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60 Minutes did a piece “Africa Mercy: Hospital of Hope” on Sunday night that highlighted the work of mercyships.org.  It was a very moving documentary of how nearly a dozen doctors, 90 nurses and a support staff treat thousands of Africans every year for various diseases and also (although the report doesn’t emphasize it) share the gospel with those they help medically.  The fifteen minutes you watch this will be well spent.

The nurse who was interviewed actually has a fascinating blog called Ali’s African Adventures.

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