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John MacArthur writes, “In the coming days and weeks, you’re likely to find yourself in a variety of conversations about the Catholic Church with friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors—each one an opportunity to shed biblical light on a topic that everyone will be talking about. And when the Lord brings those opportunities, I want you to be able to speak with clarity and authority regarding the truth of God’s Word and the corrupt idolatry of Roman Catholicism.”  Here are the first three entries.  Read and be prepared as you interact with others on this issue in the next month especially.”

A Timely Critique of the Catholic Church

Exposing the Heresies of the Catholic Church: Grace vs. Works

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Short but helpful article here which shares three areas moms can kind of a do a “quick check” on mothering in between more significant times of evaluation and planning. Gospel-centered mothering certainly involves more than these three things, but not less.

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Tim Challies admonishes us to look at our on-line social media activity and evaluate our hearts today:

“Facebook keeps track of the name of every person you’ve searched for, every status update, every comment on another person’s status, every photo you’ve liked, every friend you’ve made. Taking a look at this list makes for a helpful social media heart-check.

I’d encourage you to take just a few moments to do this heart-check. Here’s how to begin . . .

He then goes on to walk us step-by-step on how to review all of our comments and updates, all the people we have searched for, etc.  He concludes

Social media gives us some very helpful opportunities and abilities, but it is also a powerful reflector of what is going on in the heart. Don’t run away from the opportunity to probe a little bit!

Check out how to do your own social media heart check right here.

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From LiveActionNews.org:

In the last two weeks, Houston has been the backdrop for two stories that aptly reveal more of the double-standards set by abortion-supporters. These harrowing abortion stories blatantly demonstrate the fallacies that accompany legislation and philosophies aimed at enshrining abortion as a right or a good.

First, last week, a young woman filed a lawsuit against her parents, claiming that they were attempting to force her to abort the baby she is pregnant with. She is a minor and wants to keep her child. It can be implied from much abortion-related legislation that the wantedness of a child is what determines his or her right to life.

Another story out of Houston just this week ended more tragically. An unidentified woman was hospitalized due to major hemorrhaging following what was revealed to be a self-induced abortion. First she told authorities that her baby was wrapped in a blanket in the dumpster, prompting a massive search of her apartment complex. The woman later admitted that the child was in a different location, where it was subsequently recovered by police.

What’s the double-standard and the takeaways from these two stories?  Find out here.

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Ray Ortlund:

“How long, O Lord? . . . How long . . . ?  How long . . . ?  How long . . . ?”  Psalm 13:1-2

There is an in-between-ness to this life.  God gives us great promises in the gospel.  Then he calls us to wait for their fulfillment.  He doesn’t give us everything right away.  He calls us to wait.

In between the giving and the fulfilling of God’s promises, the waiting can be hard.  Sometimes it can seem impossible to endure, because what we’re stuck in for now doesn’t just fall short of God’s great promises.  Our experience can be the opposite of God’s great promises.  Living in-between is not easy.

But God’s greatest gift is not always what we think.  God’s greatest gift is himself.  And he does give himself right now.  His own reality and presence and nearness and immediacy and smile: “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted” (Psalm 34:18), “The Lord is near to all who call upon him, to all who call upon him in truth” (Psalm 145:18).

That is not a consolation prize, not something we have to settle for.  There is nothing greater in all this world.  We don’t understand how God draws near and we can’t control him.  But this is real, very real, very wonderful.

As we stumble forward, God’s real presence gives us strength to wait without self-pity but with resilient good cheer.

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O Heavenly Father,
Teach me to see that if Christ has satisfied divine justice
He can also deliver me from my sins;
that Christ does not desire me, now justified,
to live in self-confidence in my own strength,
but gives me the law of the Spirit of life
to enable me to obey You;
that the Spirit and His power are mine by resting on Christ’s death…

You have taught me
that faith is nothing else than receiving Your kindness;
that it is an adherence to Christ,
a resting on Him,
love clinging to Him as a branch to the tree,
to seek life and vigor from Him.

-Puritan prayer (adapted by Trevin Wax)

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