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Hard is OK!

A parent gives her child a piece of wise counsel and then realizes she, along with all of us, need to live by this counsel also:  “There aren’t many things in life that are worth much that aren’t sometimes hard. Hard is OK.”

Moving reminder here: “Hard, but Worth It”

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Here’s a unique site that features thoughts about proclaiming the gospel (the best news) on one of  the biggest days of your life–your wedding day.

And here’s a video that reminds us what marital love is all about:  be willing to not only die for each other but live for each other!  (Might want to get some tissues].


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A plea to parents from Kate Merrick, whose 8-year-old daughter Daisy is now with Jesus:

Love your babies, your husbands, mothers, sisters.

Love each day like it’s your last.

All you mamas out there, you have been entrusted with the precious gift of a human life who depends on you.

Enjoy your gift.

Breathe in the scent of your child’s hair, breath.

Let them cook with you and make a mess of the kitchen.

Play hide and seek with them, build sand castles with them, take them on picnics, read to them!

Listen to them, value and respect them, never shame them.

Your words they will carry with them their whole life and you have the power to give them wings or stunt their growth.

Motherhood can be tough but it’s worth it.

It can be exhausting, boring, tedious, but never for long.

You blink and they’re grown.

It has been my honor and privilege to love Daisy these last 8 years.

I’m thankful for every minute; the joyful and the terrible alike.


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No compromise

John MacArthur aruges that “compromised truth has no hope of rescuing the eternal souls of men and women who have been unwittingly ensnared by the trap of devilish deception.”  In “The Cost of Compromise” he writes,

“Undiscerning believers who partner in a common spiritual cause with unbiblical forms of Christianity or other false religions open the door wide to satanic corruption. The appearance of unity, no matter how enticing, is not worth sacrificing the clarity of the gospel.

Furthermore, embracing those heretical systems falsely reassures their followers that all is well between them and God, when actually they are headed for eternal damnation. Partnering in a spiritual enterprise with unbelievers helps Satan muddy the doctrinal waters, and it cripples our ability to preach the need for repentance.

Scripture is clear about how we are to respond when the very foundations of the Christian faith are under attack: our duty is to contend, not compromise.”

Read more here.

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Reading the Pentateuch

By God’s grace, I plan on reading through the Bible this year. I’m basically reading it from Genesis to Revelation with a few variations but that means I am currently almost through Numbers. I have consulted some helpful commentaries along the way and have slowed down at times to understand some of the laws and sacrifices a bit better.

Here are some short notes that I wish I had in January to help me and pass on to others when reading through the Pentateuch.  Pastor Terry Enns has put these helpful overviews of each book together for his congregation.  So if you are reading through the Pentateuch currently or will do so soon, I would encourage you to download the files and before you start a book take some time to read Terry’s introduction and overview to it.

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