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This is so great!

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Baseball is back!

This post is in that category of just for fun.  But hey, I think baseball is a great game and I know some of you do as well.  So I am glad that Kevin DeYoung has written an essay in honor of the new season upon us.  I really like Kevin and am looking forward to hearing him speak next month in person.  I do have one bone to pick with him but I will forgive him for it: (He is a White Sox fan. Well, actually he is also a Blackhawks fan and a Michigan State fan so maybe that is three strikes against him. Anyway, here’s just a bit of what he said in his essay (read the rest here.)

I love football, but I love baseball more because it’s football’s complete opposite. It’s pastoral instead of militant. You can get your first chance at 27, instead of being finished at 26.  Every game doesn’t matter. The season stretches across three seasons instead of just one. Its pace is deliberate. The drama is subtle. The celebrations are understated. In football, every play is punctuated with some choreographed gesticulation. In baseball, the players honor the shortstop’s diving catch by throwing the ball to each other.

Baseball is the only sport where the players are not only doing things normal people can’t do nearly as well, they’re doing things normal people can’t do at all. I can make a basket. I can throw and catch a football. I can kick a soccer ball. I can’t hit Verlander’s fast ball (let alone his filthy curve). Baseball is more like real life where you fail more than you succeed. Two made shots a night in basketball means your terrible. Two hits per night in baseball makes you a legend.

Baseball has the best stats, the best trading cards, the best box scores, and the best announcers. Of the four major sports in America it’s the one with the smallest gap between the best teams and the worst teams. It’s the one where the regular season matters most. It’s the one sport that has the best season of the year all to itself. They’re not called the Boys of Summer for nothing.

Oh, by the way, Go DETROIT TIGERS!  This is their year!  (Sorry Indian and Pirate fans)

And as the new season begins, there are some things you just can’t watch too many times.

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Marc Cortez shares an infographic that explains the state of the Bible in 2013.

Three of the more interesting results:

  • Young people (18-28) are more likely to see the Bible as an important source of “wisdom” in many life areas.
  • They often see the Bible as an important source of wisdom for addressing family conflict and parenting, but not divorce.
  • The percentage of Americans who are openly “antagonistic” toward the Bible has increased sharply in the last two years.

Check out the whole infographic here.

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Check these two charts out that will help you see the organization of Deuteronomy and the Ten Commandments. 

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