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Great video showing how words of hope reach our entire world. Watch it, soak in the Word, pray for the world.

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Many of my readers may not remember this soloist but to others of you George Beverly Shea is known as one of the most well-known gospel singers of all time.  He died this week at 104 years old.  Here’s the story along with a video of  him singing “How Great Thou Art” at age 103.

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Love begets a likeness between the mind loving and the object beloved. A mind filled with the love of Christ as crucified will be changed into his image andlikeness.

— John Owen, quoted by Jerry Bridges in The Fruitful Life( Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2006), 11  HT: FI

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How can this guilty sinner flee

The judgement that is mine?
How can a wretched man escape
The punishment divine?

Tell me where wrath and mercy meet;
Show me God reconciled.
Where can a rebel find true peace,
Rest for a heart so wild?

Come, take the path to Calvary,
Climb up her shadowed side:
This is the way that Jesus went,
This is where Jesus died.

This is where Christ poured out his blood;
This is where peace begins;
This is where wrath and mercy meet:
Pardon for all our sins.

Here is the wisdom of our God,
And here his power divine;
Here is a full atonement made,
And righteousness does shine.

Sinner, would you escape God’s wrath?
Would you be truly blessed?
Here God in Christ is reconciled;
Here is eternal rest.

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D. A Carson’s  A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers $1.99


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