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No safer hands!

Do I not fill heaven and earth? Jeremiah 23:24

God is the mighty King of all the earth, the high and lofty one. He is so immensely great in Himself, that the heavens cannot contain Him. He made heaven and earth and can unmake them. He does whatever He wills, and weighs the mountains on the scales. He has the highest throne, the richest crown, and the largest dominion.

If we belong to Him, we are on the winning side, for He can destroy his adversaries with ease, pull down their pride and restrain their malice. Let us trust this King. Trust Him with your soul for you cannot put this jewel in safer hands. God will never lack in ways to save His people. Rather than fail, God will use His enemies to do His work. He delivers His people from temporal danger, and from spiritual danger, sin, and from hell. Dare to own God in the worst of times. We may be losers for Him, but we shall never be losers by Him.

~ Thomas Watson

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