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A message for complainers from  Justin Peters.  Another article that complements the video is Far Too Easily Displeased – Jon Bloom admits he is a grumbler by nature and reflects on what it is that makes us grumble.

Mothers tell their abortion stories: Sunday’s New York Magazine features testimonials from twenty-six women who have had their unborn children aborted. The stories are raw and revealing. These are not stories of feminist liberation and power. They are the stories of women who have pangs of conscience over what they have done. Some of them have muddled through the aftermath by suppressing their consciences. One woman even says, “There’s no room to talk about being unsure.” Other women aren’t able to pretend and are obviously living with a heavy burden of grief and regret.

Dr. Albert Mohler writes about this article in the New York Magazine in Their Abortions—What Do These Abortion Testimonies Really Reveal?

Effective Personal Evangelism – Jeremy Walker has completed his series of articles on effective personal evangelism. He gives us a lot to think about!

Fred Zaspel writes about the death of their 29-year-old daughter:

Surely a day will never pass, in this life, without sensing this deep, gaping hole in our hearts. We just cannot imagine life without Gina. How we loved her.

I have often suspected over the years that Christians who romanticize death have likely never experienced the loss of a close loved one. Death remains a dreaded and a devastating enemy, and there is just no way to make it pretty. It still stings, deeply so, and when it comes close like this it leaves us feeling all but completely undone.

Yet for Christians there truly is a difference. And during this past week since Gina passed, agonizing as it has been, we have learned first-hand that we really do not sorrow as those who have no hope. The weighty promises and massive truths that God has revealed to us in his Word truly are life-shaping and soul anchoring, and they provide a sure point of reference for even the most hurting heart.  You can read the whole thing here.

Are These Enemies of Marriage in Your House?

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This mother writes,

Dear Mr. President,

I had a conversation with my kids the other day.  We talked about the Gosnell case, as we try to talk about several current events.  I tried to spare them of the gruesome details and give just the short version.  They had so many questions, though.  They wanted to know what abortion was.  I explained that some mommies don’t want to grow a baby just then.  I explained, and pointed out how much work babies were.  I said that when most women have an abortion, the baby is still forming all of the organs, and not all the parts of the body work outside the mother just yet.  I talked about how hard being pregnant was sometimes.  I did not want to glorify anything.

My kids understood how hard it was.  They’ve seen me go through it a few times.  They understood the work, as we live it day in and day out as a family.  However, the reality of what an abortion is…they thought I was making that up.  They could not believe that anyone would do such a thing.  They have an easier time believing in the tooth fairy.  When I told them I was serious, they sat in horror.

I did not show them pictures.  I was determined not to villainize my opposing side of view or seek to give them nightmares.  But I want to teach my children how to form ideas.  I want them armed with facts.  I also told them about my experience with a crisis pregnancy center.  I told them what some of the woman were like, and the challenges they faced.  I talked about how some were forced into abortions by loved ones.  I talked about the ones who faced depression, or were unable to ever have children because of an abortion procedure they had years earlier.  I told them some women have abortions, and never feel bad about it.

All I can say is read the rest. . . well said.

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Here are two biblical requests to pray for men like Kermit Gosnell: pray for justice and pray for mercy.  Stephen elaborates here.

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100 babies born alive and killed at an abortion clinic in PA?  Yet hardly any media coverage of the trial of the doctor who lead the clinic.  Here’s a round-up of several articles that bring attention to this ignored, horrific story. Some contain a link to the grand jury report (which is very graphic but exposes the depth of man’s depravity).

Murder Trial of PA Abortionist Kermit Gosnell by Alex Chediak

The Gosnell Case: A Human Rights Tragedy of Epic Proportions by Carolyn McCulley

Kermit Gosnell and the Gospel  by Russell Moore

The Story You May Not Have Heard (Warning: Graphic Reading)  by Jason H

Documentary on Kermit Gosnell’s Abortion Horrors

8 Reasons for the Media Blackout on Kermit Gosnell  Trevin Was

9 Things You Should Know about the Gosnell Murder and Infanticide Trial by Joe Carter

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Joe Carter:

The Chinese government recently admitted that over the last four decades the country has aborted 336 million unborn children, many of them forcibly.

To put the numbers in perspective, the 336 million deaths in China are:

• More than the entire population of the world at the time of the Crusades (c. 1100 AD).

• Equal to the entire combined populations of the United States and Australia.

• More deaths than were caused by (in millions): the Bubonic Plague in Europe (100), the Great Chinese Famine (45), the 1918 Influenza Pandemic (40), the HIV/AIDS pandemic (25), the Holocaust (13), the Soviet famine of 1932-1933 (8), the Russian famine of 1921 (3), and the American Civil War (.8).

• More than all the people killed in the 10 ten deadliest wars in human history (Based on highest estimates (in millions): World War II (72), World War I (65), Mongol Conquest (60), An Lushan Rebellion (36), Taiping Rebellion (30), Qing Dynasty conquest of the Ming Dynasty (25), Conquests of Timur (20), Dungan Revolt (12), Russian Civil War (9), Second Congo War (5.4))

• More than all the children that will be born in the world over the next ten years.

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Hats off to North Dakota!

John Knight writes, “On Friday the North Dakota Senate passed two bills:

  • The first forbids abortion after a baby’s heartbeat is detected.  For some babies, that is as early as six weeks.
  • And the second bans abortions in cases of genetic abnormalities or sex selection!

North Dakota House Bill 1305 passed and is now on its way to the governor.  It is the first bill to specifically protect unborn children with genetic abnormalities in the United States.

I know the likelihood of these pieces of legislation surviving court challenges isn’t great, but it is heartening to have an elected body speak so clearly of their desire to protect unborn children with disabilities.:

Find out more on this story from John Knight.

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Justin Taylor notes that D. A. Carson “strongly endorses Dr. Megan Best’s new book, Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Ethics and the Beginning of Human Life (Matthias Media, 2012): “At last—a single volume examining beginning-of-life issues that is equally competent in biology, theology, philosophy, and pastoral care. This is now the ‘must read’ book in the field, a necessary resource not only for pastors, ethicists, and laypersons who share her Christian convictions, but also for anyone who wants to participate knowledgeably in current bioethical debates.”

Many bloggers I read are talking about the new book by J. D. Greear entitled Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart:  How to Know for Sure You are SavedIt’s on sale right now for a reasonable price in the Kindle edition. You can read one chapter here for free.

“If you have ever heard the preaching of pastor Alistair Begg of Truth for Life Ministries, you know he has a Scottish brogue that seems to freshen every word he speaks. Now, Cruciform Press has teamed up with Alistair Begg to produce this beautiful, unabridged recording of what is quickly becoming a classic work from Jerry Bridges.This book is available as either a 2-CD product or downloadable audio book. It  runs about 2.5 hours and lists for $12.98, but we are offering it here for just $7.49.”  You can listen to chapter 3 of Who I Am for free by clicking here.

David Murray reviews Building a Pure Life, a “book was forged in the battlefield of personal sanctification as Pastor and Biblical Counselor, Dave Coats, fought for purity in this muddy world. Also, having worked with people in this area of spiritual struggle for many years, he concluded that the best way to help people who already lacked personal discipline and self-control was to provide a workbook format that “forced” them to study the Word of God daily.Over an eight week period of manageable daily lessons, Dave systematically dismantles the heart idols that surround the sins of impurity and gradually builds a new and powerful sense of the greatness and goodness of God. The mind is renewed by daily readings, songs, meditations, and questions, hopefully renewing the heart in the process.”  You can buy it here.


– See more at: http://cruciformpress.com/our-books/who-am-i/#audiobook


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