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I am very concerned about this issue.  I would encourage you to be informed, pray, and get involved in stopping human trafficking.

Here are 14 ways to get started and keep going.

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This map is being updated as fresh protests erupt around the world.  Use it to pray for wisdom, resolve, and courage for leaders as this crisis continues to grow.

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Anders Breivik’s sentence for killing 77 people in Norway on July 22, 2011 is outrageous. He was deemed sane and sentenced to serve 21 years in prison “in a three-cell suite of rooms equipped with exercise equipment, a television and a laptop.” That’s 100 days of posh prison time for each person he murdered, with a legal release possible at age 53. Life is cheap in Norway.

The news agencies explained that such a sentence

is consistent with Norway’s general approach to criminal justice. Like the rest of Europe . . . Norway no longer has the death penalty and considers prison more a means for rehabilitation than retribution.

They explained that “many Europeans” consider America’s criminal justice system to be “cruelly punitive.” And the blog post I am now writing, naturally, would fall into the category of vindictive.

Do you see the error in this? C. S. Lewis did.

Keep reading John Piper’s article on this travesty of justice.

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WORLD reports:

A 17-year battle over the right for New York City churches to rent and use public school buildings for weekend worship services appears to have come to a close.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska issued a permanent injunction against the New York Department of Education, calling its policy that prohibits church access to school property after hours a violation of the religious groups’ First Amendment rights.

There’s more here–“A Sigh of Relief”

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Dr. Albert Mohler reviews the top ten news stories as he sees them for 2011.  No particular ranking intended

  1. The Arab Spring
  2. Tsunami/Earthquake in Japan
  3. Death of Tyrants and Terrorists
  4. Occupy Wall Street
  5. Natural Disasters in US
  6. Explosion of Sports Scandals
  7. The EU Fights for Survival
  8. Political Frustration in the US
  9. Notable deaths
  10. Redefinition of the Book and Publishing

Read Mohler’s commentary on these here.   Any you would add or delete from the top ten?

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Dr. Albert Mohler wrote a piece for CNN.com that has generated over 75 pages of comments. Mohler is responding to the steady drumbeat from some voices that evangelicals are really scary people from whom are society needs to be protected.

Mohler documents many who are making such claims and then cogently explains who evangelicals are and to whom they might pose a danger. Here’s an excerpt:

Above all, evangelicals are those who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and are most concerned about telling others about Jesus. Most of America’s evangelical Christians are busy raising their children, working to support their families and investing energy in their local churches.

But over recent decades, evangelical Christians have learned that the gospel has implications for every dimension of life, including our political responsibility.

We’re dangerous only to those who want more secular voices to have a virtual monopoly in public life.

Read the rest!

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Michael Horton explains,

“For anyone interested in the facts of the case, the secularist narrative has lost its poster-boy.  In an on-line manifesto, Breivik makes it clear that he is not a “fundamentalist Christian.”  He prefaces one comment with, “If there is a God…” and says that science should always trump religion.  So in terms of religious convictions, he sounds more like Richard Dawkins than Jerry Falwell.  Yet, unlike Dawkins, Breivik pines for the “good ‘ol days” of Christendom, especially the crusades.  “Regarding my personal relationship with God, I guess I’m not an excessively religious man. I am first and foremost a man of logic. However, I am a supporter of a monocultural Christian Europe…”

Read Horton’s brief but helpful article.

Tim Challies has a helpful response to this tragedy and Mark let’s Andre speak in his own words.

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