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This Ordinary Pastor has some simple suggestions for being more faithful in your gospel witness. An excerpt:

What if faithful evangelism didn’t involve anything extra but simply intentionally doing what you already do?

In other words, instead of making all kinds of rash and unreasonable evangelistic goals and strategies, what if you just decided to be a faithful Christian? Faithful Christianity never involves less than evangelism. In order to be faithful (obedient) as a Christian then we must be active in evangelism.

Consider this: how would your day-to-day tasks look different if you did them with evangelistic intentionality?

  • When you awake, you pray for help to be faithful with the gospel. Ask God for opportunities to speak of Christ and for boldness to take the opportunities that he gives.
  • When you are eating breakfast maybe you’ll scan the news so as to see some current events that might be springboards for conversation with neighbors, co-workers or strangers.
  • When you are commuting to work, you may consider listening to a sermon or a book to equip you with a better handle on the truth.
  • At work, the market, or the gym you aim to be friendly so you can have an open door for conversation that you are praying would lead to the gospel.
  • When you come home you don’t hustle inside but enjoy the outside while being friendly to neighbors. Consider also going for walks, praying for your neighborhood and meeting neighbors.
  • When doing errands (store, barber, etc) consider going to the same places so you can get to know the people who work there.

Read the rest of “Are you out of (Evangelism) Shape?”

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A message for complainers from  Justin Peters.  Another article that complements the video is Far Too Easily Displeased – Jon Bloom admits he is a grumbler by nature and reflects on what it is that makes us grumble.

Mothers tell their abortion stories: Sunday’s New York Magazine features testimonials from twenty-six women who have had their unborn children aborted. The stories are raw and revealing. These are not stories of feminist liberation and power. They are the stories of women who have pangs of conscience over what they have done. Some of them have muddled through the aftermath by suppressing their consciences. One woman even says, “There’s no room to talk about being unsure.” Other women aren’t able to pretend and are obviously living with a heavy burden of grief and regret.

Dr. Albert Mohler writes about this article in the New York Magazine in Their Abortions—What Do These Abortion Testimonies Really Reveal?

Effective Personal Evangelism – Jeremy Walker has completed his series of articles on effective personal evangelism. He gives us a lot to think about!

Fred Zaspel writes about the death of their 29-year-old daughter:

Surely a day will never pass, in this life, without sensing this deep, gaping hole in our hearts. We just cannot imagine life without Gina. How we loved her.

I have often suspected over the years that Christians who romanticize death have likely never experienced the loss of a close loved one. Death remains a dreaded and a devastating enemy, and there is just no way to make it pretty. It still stings, deeply so, and when it comes close like this it leaves us feeling all but completely undone.

Yet for Christians there truly is a difference. And during this past week since Gina passed, agonizing as it has been, we have learned first-hand that we really do not sorrow as those who have no hope. The weighty promises and massive truths that God has revealed to us in his Word truly are life-shaping and soul anchoring, and they provide a sure point of reference for even the most hurting heart.  You can read the whole thing here.

Are These Enemies of Marriage in Your House?

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I preached on Titus 2:9-10 yesterday regarding how God calls Christians to work for their employers–all with an eye to adorning the doctrine of God our Savior.  We are to work in such a way that we draw attention to the gospel and accent the gospel so that we might help others come to know Jesus.  Here’s an article Evangelism in the Workplace that shares 5 suggestions from someone who was evangelized by a co-worker recently.


  1. Put Christ on the table
  2. Work with excellence
  3. Love your peers
  4. Prepare to evangelize
  5. Pray

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Thabiti Anyawbile lists seven reasons why each believer should care about evangelism. Read the whole article here but below are his sub points:

1. To experience the power of God (Matt. 28:18).

2. For the glory of God in Christ (Matt. 28:18).

3. To express obedience and love (Matt. 28:19).

4. For eternal significance (Matt. 28:19).

5. For the joy of all peoples (Matt. 28:19).

6. For abiding presence and fellowship of Jesus (Matt. 28:20).

7. Because God cares (Matt. 28:18-20).

How are you or how will you express your care for the glory of God and the joy of the nations in the Great Commission?

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Pray on their behalf for

  1. Gospel Opportunities and advancement
  2. Protection and deliverance
  3. Personal holiness and refreshment

More here by Dave Prickett at Cripplegate


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Thabit Anyawbile shares how even though he resolved to share the gospel often this year, he struggled in his first 30 days. And even when he did share the gospel, it took an enormous amount of effort to overcome his fear of man.  I think most of us will be able to relate to his experience so read the whole article which begins this way:

I began this year with a desire to be a better personal evangelist. By God’s grace, I’ve preached the gospel each Sunday I’ve been in the pulpit. But I don’t want my evangelism to be limited to the pulpit; I want to do the work of an evangelist as well. More, not less, proclamation is needed.

So, what’s happening with that desire? Well, I think I’m learning (again!) two vital lessons.

First, desiring something ain’t the same thing as doing something. Not by a long shot. And while I know that sounds like a rather obvious thing to say, in my case it needs saying. Desire has to be translated into specific plans and actions. I’m looking up nearly 30 days after expressing that desire and only once have I personally shared the gospel with someone. Aaaargh!!!

Second, I’m learning again that faithful evangelism requires putting to death the fear of man. Will I ever stop having that halting tightness in my chest? Will those hesitation-inducing thoughts of rejection and offense ever fade away? You know, probably not. I’m likely to always feel some hesitation and some fear of man when it comes to evangelism. But what am I going to do? Not share the greatest news the world has ever received? No. I’m going to remember Romans 1:16, Philemon 6, and Hebrews 10:38-39, and other such texts which encourage, admonish, promise, and guide.


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“Father, forgive us for the many times we have been ashamed of your Gospel.

Strengthen our faith, may we live like we believe; grant us the boldness to freely share the message that we have so freely received.”

That’s how Cornell ends his blog post in which he deals he was ashamed of the gospel recently.  When and where he was ashamed of the gospel might be different from when you and I, but I think we can all relate to his struggle.  I think most of us have had similar experiences.  So the prayer above is certainly appropriate to pray.

Read “Ashamed of the Gospel.”

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