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Dr. Will Varner on an overview of James from his devotional commentary called “To Love God and Love Others”

“I suggest the following outline of the letter, based on its “exhorting” character. The two bolded points (8 and 9) indicate the sections that (1) express the main subject and (2) convey the strongest exhortation. In my commentary I call these two sections the “thematic peak” and the “hortatory peak” of the letter. Each of the following sections is either addressed to the “brothers” or to a group who are condemned (as in Jas 4:13 and 5:1). Each group is then given an imperative command or asked a rhetorical question.

1. Salutation Jas 1:1

2. Be Joyful in Trials Jas 1:2–15

3. Do Not Be Deceived about God’s Goodness Jas 1:16–18

4. Become a Good Hearer/Doer of the Word Jas 1:19–27

5. Do Not Show Favoritism Jas 2:1–13

6. Show Your Faith by Your Works Jas 2:14–26

7. Be Consistent in Your Speech Jas 3:1–12

8. Follow the Wisdom of God Jas 3:13–18

9. Become a Friend of God Jas 4:1–10

10. Do Not Speak Against One Another Jas 4:11–12

11. Do Not Plan Presumptuously Jas 4:13–17

11. You Rich Should Treat the Poor Justly Jas 5:1–6

12. Wait Patiently for the Lord’s Coming Jas 5:7–11

13. Do Not Swear but Pray Jas 5:12–18

14. Convert the Erring Brother Jas 5:19–20

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