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What would you say the most important resource in your life is?  Time, money, or something else?  Adam argues it is “attention.” In this thought-provoking piece he writes:

In 2014, in our hyper-overwhelmed, affluent, media-saturated culture, the scarce resource is attention. (Click to tweet this.) So we need to learn a new skill…

The most important skill for 2014 is deciding what you will pay attention to.

We each need to make thousands of choices every day of the next year.

What will you read? Watch? Do? Buy? Think? Plan?

Who will you spend time with? Teach? Follow?

Where will you live? Work? Shop? Worship? Travel?

What will you pay attention to in the next year? (Click to tweet this.)

That’s is what all New Year’s resolutions boil down to anyway, right? You will pay close attention to some area of your life, something you want to be different.

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The Dark Side of Christian Celebrity:  We love the rise and we love the fall. Both make for fantastic entertainment. I wonder sometimes if the reason we end up tearing down our celebrities is that we have elevated them to such a degree in the first place. Once we have done that, once we have put them on the biggest platforms and once we have given them publishing deals with the wealthiest publishers, there is really only one way for them to go, and it’s not up.

Help with holiness:  The Cripplegate has four solid book recommendations if you are interested in seriously knowing what God’s Word says about holiness.

Don’t Waste Your MRI:  Erik shares two spiritual lessons he took away from his MRI experience the other day.

Why You Should Celebrate Your Undone To-Do List:  David Murray thinks he may have just found a way to turn this daily self-torture into a cause for praise and rejoicing.

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Three suggestions by a seminary professor (who speaks plainly to a variety of issues) on productivity.

A former CEO of a Christian publishing house talks about slaying some dragons before breakfast to boost the rest of the day.

And finally from a couple of guys I don’t know at all but  who talk about the science of productivity.

I share these thoughts so that as Christians we might be able to do all things to the glory of God and so that whatever our hands find to do we might do it with all our might.

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