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“How would you respond and minister to unsaved friends or family (or even strangers) who have lost a loved one and assume their lost loved one is in Heaven, even though that person clearly did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ?”

Randy Alcorn answers below.  If you want the transcript of his answer click here:

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Trevin has compiled a list of some heart diagnostic questions which “if used well . . . could provide a starting point from which to engage people we love on the question of their Christianity. If we listen well, show empathy, and share the gospel, we may see the Holy Spirit bring true faith to those who desperately need it.”

Heads-up: they will go beneath the surface and make one examine himself according to the Word!

Here’s a sampling:

Do you love God?

  • In your heart, do you desire to follow Him, worship Him, and obey Him?
  • Does your professed love for God stretch into action?
  • Does it have any practical effect on your life?
  • Would others characterize you as one who loves God?
  • Do you adore God?
  • Do you want to adore Him?

Ready for more?

May the Lord deliver us from nominalism and lukewarmness!

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Is Jesus worthy?

Is Jesus worthy of . . .

  • Abandoning everything?
  • Our radical devotion?
  • Our trust–even if it means we aren’t safe but we are secure?
  • Our plans?
  • Our obedience?
  • Our dreams?
  • Our possessions?
  • All our desires?
  • All our affections?
  • All of our lives?

–Adapted from David Platt’s The Radical Question

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What would people say?

Would someone observing your life from the outside say, “Look, there is someone who has abandoned his life to Jesus Christ and His mission?” –from  The Trellis and the Vine by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne

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Question of the day

When you think of the Word forgiven, what comes to your mind?

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What most discourages you from loving people as you should?  What can you do about this problem? –Alexander Strauch,  Love or Die.

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Our young people and children are studying the fruit of the Spirit this summer on Wednesday night.

So, which fruit of the Spirit do you think you need to develop more in your life currently?

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