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Does this mean Jesus “loved a good party”? Or that He “hung out with drunks”? Or that he “didn’t take sides”?

What exactly does it mean that Jesus was a friend of sinners?  Read this short but helpful essay by Kevin DeYoung who in part writes:

Jesus was a friend of sinners not because he winked at sin, ignored sin, or enjoyed light-hearted revelry with those engaged in immorality. Jesus was a friend of sinners in that he came to save sinners and was very pleased to welcome sinners who were open to the gospel, sorry for their sins, and on their way to putting their faith in Him.

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“Everything that is coming to us from God comes through Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus has won our pardon; he has reconciled us to God; he has canceled our sin; he has secured the gift of the Spirit for us; he has granted eternal life to us and promises us the life of the consummation; he has made us children of the new covenant; his righteousness has been accounted as ours; he has risen from the dead, and all of God’s sovereignty is mediated through him and directed to our good and to God’s glory.”–Don Carson!

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“The revelation made of Christ in the blessed gospel is far more excellent, more glorious, more filled with rays of divine wisdom and goodness than the whole creation, and the just comprehension of it, if attainable, can contain or afford. Without this knowledge, the mind of man, however priding itself in other inventions and discoveries, is wrapped up in darkness and confusion.

This revelation therefore deserves our deepest thoughts, the best of our meditations, and our utmost diligence and energy in them. For if our future blessedness shall consist in living where Christ lives, and beholding His glory, what better preparation can there be for it than a constant previous contemplation of that glory as revealed in the gospel, that by a view of it we may be gradually transformed into the same glory?” (John Owen, The Glory of Christ, p. 25-26)

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Beloved, we are God’s children now, and what we will be has not yet appeared; but we know that when he appears we shall be like him, because we shall see him as he is. And everyone who thus hopes in him purifies himself as he is pure. (1 John 3:2-3 ESV)

Theologians call this “the beatific vision.” We will call it the greatest moment of our lives—to see Christas he is; not as he was. . .

Keep reading “Our Greatest Moment” by Steve DeWitt.

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Born as a son,
led forth as a lamb,
sacrificed as a sheep,
buried as a man,
he rose from the dead as a God,
for he was by nature God and man.

He is all things:
he judges, and so he is Law;
he teaches, and so he is Wisdom;
he saves, and so he is Grace;
he suffers, and so he is sacrifice;
he is buried, and so he is man;
he rises again, and so he is God.

This is Jesus Christ,
to whom belongs glory for all ages.

– Melito, bishop of Sardis (d. 180) 

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None like Jesus!

“If I never write any more, let these be my last words:

There is none like Christ, none like Christ, none like Christ! Nothing like redemption through His blood, even the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.

There is no learning or knowledge like the knowledge of Christ. No life like Christ living in the heart by faith. No work like the spiritual service of Christ. No riches or wealth like the unsearchable riches of Christ. No rest or comfort like the rest and consolations of Christ. No pleasure like the pleasure of fellowship with Christ.

Little as I know of Christ, I would not exchange the learning of one hour’s fellowship with Christ for all the learning of ten thousand universities during ten thousand ages, even if angels were my teachers.”

~ John Brown of Haddington, Scotland

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The True Superhero!

Appreciate this post by Barry York at Gentle Reformation

In this summer of superheroes, why not “marvel” over these truths?


He was baptized as Man—

but He remitted sins as God.

He was tempted as Man,

but He conquered as God.

He hungered—

but He fed thousands; yea, He is the Bread that giveth life.

He thirsted—

but He cried,” If any man thirst, let him come unto Me and drink.”

He was wearied,

but He is the Rest of them that are weary and heavy laden.

He was heavy with sleep,

but He walked lightly over the sea.

He pays tribute,

but it is out of a fish; yea, He is the King of those who demanded it.

He is called a demoniac;

but He drives out demons and sinks in the sea legions of foul spirits.

He prays,

but He hears prayer.

He weeps,

but He causes tears to cease.

He asks where Lazarus was laid, for He was Man;

but He raises Lazarus, for He was God.

He is sold, very cheap, only for thirty pieces of silver;

but He redeems the world and that at a great price, His own blood.

As a sheep He is led to the slaughter,

but He is the Shepherd of Israel, and now of the whole world also.

He is bruised and wounded,

but He healeth every disease and every infirmity.

He is lifted up and nailed to the Tree,

but by the Tree of Life He restoreth us.

He is given vinegar to drink mingled with gall.

Who? He who turned the water into wine.

He lays down His life,

but He has power to take it again.

He dies,

but He gives life.

He is buried,

but He rises again.

He ascends to Heaven,

and shall come again to judge the quick and the dead.


Adapted from The Third Theological Oration. On the Son by Gregory Nazianzen.

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I trust that Christ is sweet in your life!


My sin has never been more repulsive to my spiritual senses, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My strength has never more acutely felt like weakness, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My awareness of living in a fallen world has never seemed more real, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My lovelessness has never seemed more insurmountable, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My unrest has never felt more like fleshly striving, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My selfishness has never appeared more pervasive, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My weariness has never seemed more soul-gripping, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My inadequacy has never felt more crippling, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My anxiety has never been more obvious as unbelief, but Christ has never been sweeter.

My perseverance has never felt so thin, but Christ has never been sweeter.

Come, my sweet Lord Jesus.

Written by Paul Tautages

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1) He is the Way; men without him are Cains, wanderers, vagabonds:—

2) He is the Truth; men without him are liars, like the devil, who was so of old:—

3) He is the Life; without him men are dead, dead in trespasses and sins :—

4) He is the Light; without him men are in darkness, and go they know not whither:—

5) He is the Vine; those that are not grafted in him are withered branches, prepared for the fire:—

6) He is the Rock; men not built on him are carried away with a flood:—

7) He is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, the author and the ender, the founder and the finisher of our salvation.

~John Owen

P.S. He that hath not him, hath neither beginning of good, nor shall have end of misery.

from a sermon entitled A Vision of Unchangeable, Free Mercy ; Volume 8, page 36

HT: The Essential Owen

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