From a song I heard yesterday at church entitled “Nothing Less”

Though thousands fall around us we’ve nothing to fear
We have a refuge through the trouble and through tears
Our God rules over all the terror of the night
He is our shield when arrows fly

We will say of you, oh Lord
When it seems there’s nothing left
Great is thy faithfulness, great is thy faithfulness
You’ve been our strong and steady
Rock and nothing less
Great is thy faithfulness, great is thy faithfulness

Read the whole text here and listen to it as well.

You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know. –William Wilberforce

“Abortion makes us uncomfortable. It’s not something we like to talk about. When we think about the staggering statistics — over 50 million babies aborted in this country since 1973 — we’re tempted to become hopeless. The problem is too big. Things will never change.

And so, too many of us look the other way. We know it happens, but we just hope it happens somewhere else. Somewhere far away. . . .”

Read this plea from the director of a new documentary on the infamous Kermit Gosnell–a documentary I hope to see and recommend others to do so.

I enjoyed watching this overview of the Psalms. It looks like this series might be pretty helpful by way of introduction as you read through a particular book in God’s Word.

If in doubt. .

If in doubt, wait on God and die to self!

My brother-in-law wrote a song a few years ago based on Psalm 131.  The words of that Psalm have often been a source of strength and encouragement to me in the last few months. I want to pass on Steve’s song with the prayer that it may encourage you also and strengthen you to hope in God, wait for God  and cling to God always.

“Lord, I’m far too Small”
Lord, I’m far too small to reach beyond today.
Fears rise oh so tall that I can’t find my way.
So to You who stand with waiting arms above
Let me come, let me cling let cling; Let me trust your love.

Lord, these humble eyes can’t see what lies ahead.
‘Round me terror flies and haunts my heart instead.
Whisper then your peace my tangled soul to ease.
Rescue me, comfort me; lead me as you please.

Let God’s children all come hear this simple song.
Though your strength be small, your Father’s arms are strong.
In those arms then rest as He makes plain your way.
Hope in Him, Wait for Him, ever and today.

—Steve Kaminski based on Psalm 131

“A SONG OF ASCENTS. OF DAVID. O LORD, my heart is not lifted up; my eyes are not raised too high; I do not occupy myself with things too great and too marvelous for me. But I have calmed and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother; like a weaned child is my soul within me. O Israel, hope in the LORD from this time forth and forevermore.” (Psalm 131, ESV)

“On My arm, they shall trust.” Isaiah 51:5

In seasons of severe trial, the Christian has nothing on earth that he can trust to, and is therefore compelled to cast himself on his God alone. When his vessel is quickly sinking, and no human deliverance can avail—he must simply and entirely trust himself to the providence and care of God.

Happy storm—that wrecks a man on such a rock as this!

O blessed hurricane—that drives the soul to God and God alone!

When a man is so burdened with troubles, so poor, so friendless, so helpless that he has nowhere else to turn—he flies into his Father’s arms, and is blessedly clasped therein! Oh, tempest-tossed believer—it is a happy trouble which drives you to your Father!

~ Charles Spurgeon

This burden of ours is God’s gift to us — and to lay it down would be to lay down a blessing. Surely it is a wiser love which puts new strength into your heart and arm, so that you can go on with your hard duty, your heavy responsibility, your weight of care, without fainting — than would be the sentimentality which would take all the load away, and leave you free from any burden.

God’s purpose always is to make something of us, to bring out the best that is in us. Hence He does not clear the forest for us, but puts the axe into our own hands, and bids us to cut it down for ourselves. And while we prepare the ground for tillage — we grow healthy and strong ourselves through the toil. He does not drive out the enemies for us. He puts the sword into our own hands — and sends us to drive them out. The struggle does us good. The wrestling makes us strong.

“Moreover let us exult in our troubles and rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that pressure and affliction and hardship produce patient and unswerving endurance. And endurance develops maturity of character.” Romans 5:3-4

~ J.R. Miller