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You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know. –William Wilberforce

“Abortion makes us uncomfortable. It’s not something we like to talk about. When we think about the staggering statistics — over 50 million babies aborted in this country since 1973 — we’re tempted to become hopeless. The problem is too big. Things will never change.

And so, too many of us look the other way. We know it happens, but we just hope it happens somewhere else. Somewhere far away. . . .”

Read this plea from the director of a new documentary on the infamous Kermit Gosnell–a documentary I hope to see and recommend others to do so.

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Rob Schwarzwalder reminds us that The Battle for Life Endures – and So Must WeFrom this article:

As Pastor David Platt has recently noted, Christians cannot shrink back from the battle for life because our efforts “bring us into conflict with the culture around us.” Rather, Platt says, believers should “fight abortion as an assault on God’s creation and an affront to God’s glory. . . . If that which is in the womb is a person formed by God, this issue is not complex at all.”

To care deeply about the poor and the trafficked, the sexually exploited and the habitually addicted, reflects the heart of Christ. But to move away from the battle for unborn life because it is tedious, socially awkward, or exhausting is to abandon the most needy of all to a brutal fate. “Moral and political neutrality here is not an option for those who believe (the) gospel,” Platt says. “If you and I sit idly by while millions of children, individuals in the image of God, around us are dismembered, then we are denying basic biblical truth.”

Amen. The campaign for life must be waged with vigilance, compassion, wisdom, and foresight. But it must be waged, with the full recognition that it might not be won for a long time.

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WORLD Magazine reports:

Government-run hospitals in the United Kingdom have been burning the bodies of hundreds of aborted and miscarried babies in incinerators designed to heat their facilities. The practice of including fetal remains among trash dumped into “waste-to-energy” furnaces has gone on for several years. . .

And. . .

The disposal of fetal tissue following abortions is a secretive practice in the United States as well. Medical waste companies often collect and dispose of the babies’ remains. In other cases, abortion center staffers may bag and dump the bodies into waste bins—or FedEx them overnight to processing centers where the tissue is sold or given to researchers

Read the revolting details in UK hospitals burn aborted babies for ‘green’ fuel.


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Two videos on abortion

A short reflective look at the issue of abortion that urges us to choose life and protect life:  About You

A new controversial pro-life documentary that examines the truth about abortion.  Worth watching and thinking about: Babies Are Murdered Here (53 minutes)

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A thought-provoking way to help us think about how many babies have been aborted (which is the intentional killing of unborn babies) in the USA since 1973.  Click and think about it.

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Denny Burk:

As thousands of citizens march on the nation’s capital to support life, President Obama issues a statement reaffirming the culture of death. As usual, his remarks are cloaked under the cover of abortion rights euphemisms (e.g., “choices,” “safe, affordable healthcare,” “right to privacy”). It takes the breath away to consider what he is actually saying—that he believes it should be legal for a mother to have her child killed at any time from zero to nine months gestation. Here’s what he says. . . click here


If we could rewrite the President’s statement without the cover of euphemism, it would look quite different. It would provoke the conscience to a different appraisal of legal abortion-on-demand, and I suggest that it would read something like this. . .

click here

The second would be much more honest and transparent.

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