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Free books today!

415JXR-JSxLHow People Change by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp is free today only, October 31st.  Of this book one reviewer says,

How People Change is one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Tripp and Lane believe that the biggest area lacking in Christian counseling today is the gospel. They call this problem the “gospel gap.” Too many Christians see the gospel as affecting their past (forgiveness) and their future (hope), but do not understand the practical ways in which the gospel should be brought to bear on their present choices. How People Change seeks to correct “the gospel gap” by providing biblical teaching and and practical instruction.

The opening chapter alone is worth the price of the book. Tripp and Lane believe that our temptation is to seek fullness and fulfillment in something or someone other than Christ. To counter this idolatry, they encourage us to apply the grace of Christ to the everyday details of our lives, not merely the big problems that we face. The rest of the book spells this theme out more clearly – how to apply grace to everyday life.

Also don’t forget all the free resources available today at Ligonier! Today only, October 31st!


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Rediscovering Holiness by J.I. Packer  $2.99

Is It My Fault?: Hope and Healing for Those Suffering Domestic Violence  by Justin Holcomb $3.99

John Newton: From Disgrace to Amazing Grace  by Philip Yancey $..99

What Is a Healthy Church Member? by Thabiti Anyabwile  $.99

Ordinary by Michael Horton $7.99

New Mercies by Paul Tripp  $9.99

Prone to Wander by Duguiid and Houk  $9.99


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There are some great books on sale at Amazon Kindle store right now!  Most of these are half off what you pay for a hard copy of the book.  And keep this in mind:  Kindle Did you know you don’t need a Kindle device to read Kindle books? You can do it on your computer as well. Check it out (free!) right here
I have no idea how long these specials will last so scoop up a book or two today!
The MacArthur Daily Bible by (I think you can figure out who wrote this) $5
Guiltless Living by Ginger Hubbard  $4
Active Spirituality  by Brian Hedges  $4
What Do You Think of Me? by Ed Welch  $3
Telling the Truth by D. A. Carson $3.79
A Place of Healing by Joni Eareckson Tada (free)
The Gospel According to Jesus   $6 by MacArthur
Twelve Unlikely Heroes $6 by MacArthur
The Grand Weaver $5 by Ravi Zacharias
Walking from East to West  by Ravi Zacharias$6
Who Made God?  by Ravi Zacharias $5
Disciplines of a Godly Man   by Kent Hughes $8
Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes $8
Also there are some great buys at Ligonier $5 Friday deals!  Good only today!

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Kevin DeYoung’s outstanding contribution on the subject of personal holiness is less than a dollar in Kindle format.  (Remember you don’t need a Kindle to read this book. There are free apps for computer and mobile devices).  Get The Hole in our Holiness

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115 books free here!

Logos Bible Software is offering the following free resources. Can’t vouch for all of these but definitely worth getting 17 free Sproul books in the “Crucial Questions” series.

Faithlife Study Bible
A free study Bible with layers of notes, infographics, videos, maps, etc. Originally Logos were going to sell this product for about $90, but the CEO decided it was something he wanted to offer for free. If this were available in print it would be 12 feet thick! (This has been helpful to me)

Logos App
Over 60 free books.  (This is a no brainer)

Noet App
10 free books for downloading the app, an additional 18 free books are available for creating an account or logging in to an existing account.

Free Book of the Month
One free book each month.  (Some of these I get, some I don’t)

R. C. Sproul Crucial Questions Series
17 free books.  Get these for sure!

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Pick up some great titles from Shepherds Press for less than $1.  Books by Paul Tripp, Tedd Tripp, Dave Harvey, Ginger Hubbard and more.  Books on marriage, family, fighting sin and so much more.  These prices only last through April 14.



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From Tim Challies:

Andrew, Brother – God’s Smuggler ($2.51)

Anonymous – Embracing Obscurity ($0.99)

Baucham, Voddie – Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors ($1.99)

Begg, Alistair & Ferguson, Sinclair – Name Above All Names ($3.99)

Blomberg, Craig – Jesus and the Gospels ($4.64)

Bounds, E.M.- The Complete Works on Prayer ($2.99)

Carson, D.A.- Worship By the Book ($2.99)

Chandler, Matt – Creature of the Word ($3.71)

Chapell, Bryan – Praying Backwards ($1.99)

Chester, Tim & Timmis, Steve – Everyday Church ($1.99)

Coffee, Joe – Red Like Blood ($1.99)

Crotts, John – Craftsmen ($3.99)

Crouch, Andy – Culture Making ($0.99)

Courtney, Vicki – 5 Conversations You Must Have With Your Daughter ($2.99)

Darling, Daniel – Real ($2.99)

Dever, Mark – The Church ($4.64)

DeYoung, Kevin – Crazy Busy ($1.99)

Eswine, Zack – Preaching to a Post-Everything World ($3.99)

Furman, Gloria – Glimpses of Grace ($2.99)

Ganz, Nancy – Herein Is Love: Genesis ($1.99)

Ganz, Nancy – Herein Is Love: Exodus ($1.99)

Ganz, Nancy – Herein Is Love: Leviticus ($1.99)

Ganz, Nancy – Herein Is Love: Numbers ($1.99)

Ganz, Nancy – Herein Is Love: Deuteronomy ($1.99)

Gladwell, Malcolm* – The Tipping Point ($3.99)

Gladwell, Macolm* – Blink ($3.99)

Gladwell, Macolm* – Outliers ($3.99)

Gladwell, Macolm* – What the Dog Saw ($3.99)

Glenn, R.W.- Crucifying Morality ($4.99)

Greear, J.D.- Gospel ($3.71)

Greear, J.D.- Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart ($3.71)

Harvey, Dave – When Sinners Say ‘I Do’ ($1.99)

Hedges, Brian – Christ Formed in You ($3.99)

Horne, Rick – Get Offa My Case ($1.99)

Lane, Timothy – How People Change ($2.99)

Mahaney, Carolyn – Feminine Appeal ($1.99)

McKnight, Scot – The Sermon on the Mount ($4.71)

Machowski, Marty – Long Story Short ($3.82)

Mae, Sarah & Clarkson, Sally – Desperate ($1.99)

Meyer, Jason – Preaching: A Biblical Theology ($1.99)

Pearcey, Nancy – Saving Leonardo ($3.99)

Plowman, Ginger – Don’t Make Me Count to Three ($1.99)

Rainer, Thom – Simple Church ($2.99)

Rainer, Thom & Stetzer, Ed – Transformational Church ($3.99)

Reeves, Michael – Delighting in the Trinity ($2.99)

Rigney, Joe – Live Like a Narnian ($2.99)

Ripken, Nik – The Insanity of God ($0.99)

Selvaggio, Anthony – A Proverbs Driven Life ($1.99)

Sproul, R.C.- Not a Chance ($3.99)

Steward, Tracey – Payne Stewart ($0.99)

Tripp, Paul – Broken-Down House ($1.99)

Tripp, Paul – Lost in the Middle ($1.99)

Tripp, Tedd – Shepherding a Child’s Heart ($1.99)

Tripp, Tedd – Instructing a Child’s Heart ($1.99)

Various – Four Views on the Historical Adam Preorder ($4.27)

Various – Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy Preorder ($3.79)

Various – Four Views on the Apostle Paul ($2.99)

Various – Four Views on the Spectrum of Evangelicalism ($2.99)

Various – Three Views on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament ($2.99)

Various – Five Views on Apologetics ($2.99)

Various – Four Views on Moving Beyond the Bible to Theology ($2.99)

Various – Two Views on Women in Ministry ($2.99)

Various – Three Views on Creation and Evolution ($2.99)

Various – Five Views on Law and Gospel ($2.99)

Younts, Jay – Everyday Talk ($1.99)

Younts, Ruth – Get Wisdom ($1.99)

Zollos, Steve – Time for the Talk ($1.99)

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