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What a powerful statement by Jonathan Edwards! This journal entry reflects the truth of Romans 12:1-2!

I have been before God, and have given myself, all that I am and have, to God; so that I am not, in any respect, my own. I can challenge no right in this understanding, this will, this affections, which are in me. Neither have I any right to this body, or any of its members–no right to this tongue, these hands, these feet; no right to these senses, these eyes, these ears, this smell, or this taste.

I have given myself clear away, and have not retained any thing as my own. . . .  I have given every power to him; so that, for the future, I’ll challenge no right in myself, no respect whatsoever. I have expressly promised him, and I do now promise Almighty God, that by his grace I will not. I have this morning told him that I did take him for my whole portion and felicity, looking on nothing else as any part of my happiness, nor acting as if it were; and his law, for the constant rule of my obedience; and would fight with all my might against the world, the flesh, and the devil, to the end of my life; and that I did believe in Jesus Christ, and did receive him as a Prince and Savior; and that I would adhere to the faith and obedience of the gospel, however hazardous and difficult the confession and practice of it may be; and that I did receive the blessed Spirit as my Teacher, Sanctifier, and only Comforter, and cherish all his motions to enlighten, purify, confirm, comfort, and assist me.

This, I have done; and I pray God, for the sake of Christ, to look upon it as a self-dedication, and to receive me now as entirely his own, and to deal with me, in all respects, as such, whether he afflicts me or prospers me, or whatever he pleases to do with me, who am his. Now, henceforth, I am not to act, in any respect, as my own. I shall not act as my own, if I ever make use of any of my powers to any thing that is not to the glory of God, and do not make the glorifying of him my whole and entire business.”

– Jonathan Edwards, January 12, 1723.

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“In Christ alone, there is a full supply of all that we require for the needs of our souls. Of ourselves we are all poor, empty creatures empty of righteousness and peace, empty of strength and comfort, empty of courage and patience, empty of power to persevere in the way of holiness, or make progress in this evil world.

It is in Christ alone, that all these things are to be found–grace, peace, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption. It is just in proportion as we live upon Him, that we are strong Christians.

It is only when self is nothing and Christ is all our confidence–that are we armed for the battle of life, and shall overcome. Only then are we prepared for the journey of life, and shall move forward.

To live on Christ, to draw all from Christ, to do all in the strength of Christ, to be ever looking to Christ–this is the true secret of spiritual prosperity!”

“I can do everything,” says Paul, “through Him who gives me strength!” Philippians 4:13

~ J.C. Ryle

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“Let us compare our condition with Christ’s upon earth. What a poor, mean condition was He pleased to be in for us! He was content with anything. ‘For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich yet for your sakes He became poor’ (2 Corinthians 8:9). He could have brought down a house from heaven with Him, or challenged the high places of earth; but He was content to be in the wine press that we might be in the wine cellar, and to live poor that we might die rich. The manger was His cradle, the cobwebs His canopy. He who is now preparing mansions for us in heaven had none for Himself on earth. He had nowhere to lay His head. Christ came in the form of a pauper, “Who being in the form of God took upon Him the form of a servant” (Philippians 2:6-7). We do not read of any sums of money that He had. When He wanted money, He was forced to work a miracle for it (Matthew 17:27). Jesus Christ was in a low condition. He was never high, except when He was lifted up upon the cross, and that was His humility. He was content to live poor and die cursed. Oh, compare your condition with Christ’s!”–Thomas Watson, The Art of Divine Contentment via Counseling One Another

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Tim Challies reminds us of three kinds of thirst we can have for God. He uses some of Don Whitney’s excellent material on this theme in helping us to diagnose our spiritual health. Is your soul empty, dry, or satisfied?  Even a satisfied soul thirsts for God.

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