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The State of Theology: Sin Is Not Cosmic Treason: by Stephen Nichols

Dr. Sproul tells the story of receiving a particular book in the mail. It was Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, the classic reference collection of all sayings quotable. The publisher sent this new edition to him because it included a quote from Dr. Sproul. The quote is a memorable four words: “Sin is cosmic treason.”

While the editors at Bartlett’s liked it, most people don’t agree with it. In fact, 75% of the American population disagrees with it. That would be cause for concern enough. Consider this, however. 51% of Evangelical Protestants don’t agree that sin is cosmic treason, either.

15 Ways to Please Your Husband by Barbara Rainey

Romans 15:2–3 tells us, “Let each of us please his neighbor for his good, to his edification. For even Christ did not please Himself . . .”

If you’re married, who is your closest neighbor? Your husband.

Sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference in your marriage.

How can you edify (build, improve) your mate and thereby enhance his self-worth? By discovering—and doing—what pleases him.

If you are creative, pleasing your mate may be a natural part of your personality. But a less creative person may need some coaching in becoming a partner pleaser. And all of us need an occasional cue card to remind us to reach out.

Here are a few ideas. . . .

How To Live In A World That’s Shaking, Cracking and Crumbling by Mark Altrogge

Do you ever feel like the world is cracking and beginning to crumble?  ISIS, Ebola, changing sexual morals, disintegrating families, escalating crime, drugs, suicides….I don’t need to elaborate.  The world is shaking.  It’s passing away.  But believers in Jesus need not fear or be depressed, for God has given us an unshakeable kingdom

Who Do You Say That I Am? by Kevin DeYoung

The greatness of God is most clearly displayed in his Son. And the glory of the gospel is only made evident in his Son. That’s why Jesus’ question to his disciples is so important: “Who do you say that I am?”

The question is doubly crucial in our day because not every Jesus is the real Jesus. Almost no one is as popular in this country as Jesus. Hardly anyone would dare to say a bad word about him. Just look at what a super-fly friendly dude he is over there. But how many people know the real Jesus?

There’s Republican Jesus who is against tax increases and activists judges, and for family values and owning firearms.

There’s Democrat Jesus who is against Wall Street and Walmart, and for reducing our carbon footprint and spending other people’s money.

There’s Therapist Jesus who helps us cope with life’s problems, heals our past, tells us how valuable we are and not to be so hard on ourselves.

World Magazine reports on the massive influx of money into Biologos for its aggressive campaign to spread its message. Of course, what is disturbing is that Christians and Christian institutions seem eager (to the tune of millions of dollars) to demolish a key tenet of historic Christian orthodoxy. The reason given by Biologos for its campaign to undermine the witness of Scripture is the reason so often given to justify such projects: “People cannot be expected to believe supernatural nonsense.” One wonders how the incarnation, atonement or resurrection of Christ can survive such a standard. HT: Todd Pruit

photo credit: Alaska Library Association via photopin cc

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Steal of the day!

What Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp ($0.99): Kindle Edition!

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Jen Thorn identifies five toxins that can poison any marriage slowly and insidiously.  Are any of these in your marriage?

Nagging, Anger, Keeping Score, Complaining or Selfishness. . .

How do we deal with these toxic habits in marriage?  Jen explains:

Marriage is the union of two sinners who bring into the marriage quite a bit of toxins. It is easy to point the finger at the other person, but we need to spend more time weeding out our own toxic habits and the best way to to do this is to live at the foot of the cross.

In the light of Christ’s work on our behalf anger is calmed, complaining is turned to thankfulness and selfishness withers and dies. Is it easy? No way! But it is possible because we have the power of Christ.

Check out some appropriate Scripture that can battle these toxins and see more at 5 Toxic Marriage Habits.

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A love story that keeps on growing!  What a testimony!

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I agree with Ray Ortulund who wrote this brief piece What is marriage, according to the Bible?:  

“We can’t turn the clock back to the days of the Christian social consensus the West has foolishly thrown away.  But we who say we believe the gospel can and must stand up for the biblical definition of marriage.  We must cultivate beautiful marriages ourselves.  We must suffer social rejection bravely.  We must pray for revival.  We must wait for the inevitable collapse of every false view of marriage.  We must lovingly serve all who suffer for their foolish attempts at false “marriages.”  And we must go to church this Sunday and worship the living God with all our hearts, so that we ourselves are sustained for faithfulness over the long haul, because this isn’t going to be easy.”

And here is one example of how hard it is becoming:  Mozilla CEO pressured to resign for supporting traditional marriage in which Denny Burk comments:

 In other words, supporting traditional marriage renders one unfit to lead a major corporation.

Notice too that acceptance of gay marriage is the necessary condition of free speech at Mozilla. Yes, one can have free speech at this company as long as it does not conflict with the new orthodoxy on marriage.

Unfortunately, I expect we’ll be seeing more and more stories like this one. Activist have succeeded in equating the conjugal view of marriage with bigotry and hatred. As that point of view spreads in our culture, employers will be less and less willing to risk their company’s brand on employees who might tarnish that brand with their personal views. The effect? Those who support traditional marriage will have to conceal their views or face the consequences.

This does not portend good things, but it is an indication of things to come.

And it won’t stop with Mozilla according to one researcher: Robert George of Princeton University comments on Brendan Eich’s forced resignation from Mozilla. He writes:

You can bet its not just Mozilla. Now that’s the bullies have Eich’s head as a trophy on their wall, they will put the heat on every other corporation and major employer. They will pressure them to refuse employment to those who decline to conform their views to the new orthodoxy. And you can also bet that it won’t end with same-sex marriage. Next, it will be support for the pro-life cause that will be treated as moral turpitude in the same way that support for marriage is treated. Do you believe in protecting unborn babies from being slain in the womb? Why then “you are a misogynist. You are a hater of women. You are a bigot. We can’t have a person like you working for our company.” And there will be other political and moral issues, too, that will be treated as litmus tests for eligibility for employment. The defenestration of Eich by people at Mozilla for dissenting from the new orthodoxy on marriage is just the beginning.

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At the recent 2014 National Ligonier Conference, men like R. C. Sproul, Al Mohler, Steve Lawson and Voddie Baucham (among others) fielded some tough questions relating to political involvement, hell, Christian theme movies, homeschooling, marriage and homosexuality.  Those are some pretty big and important questions.  Here are a few of the more than 30 questions posed:

  1. I have a son who has entered into a homosexual lifestyle. How do I handle this, how do I act, what do I say?
  2. I have many Christian friends who are libertarians and say the state should not be involved in marriage at all. Is this a correct position?
  3. I have a relative who is constantly trying to say that if I try to say something is false or sinful I am “condemning” the person or the thing and am not being loving. What do I say in response?
  4. Dr. Mohler, is homeschooling a retreat from the world? Can we put children in school and expect them to engage the world?
  5. What is the biblical way we should think about movies such as, Son of GodNoahGod’s Not Dead, and Heaven is for Real?
  6. How do we deal with knowing some of our loved ones may be headed to perdition?
  7. I am trying to reconcile the death of my son. How do I deal with my anger against God experienced as I am in this dark time?
  8. Given that we are not of the world, but sent into the world, what should our political involvement be, particularly for moral issues?

You can watch their answers to these and more questions here.  (Note: There are times associated with each question so you don’t have to spend an hour waiting for them to answer the ones you are interested in.

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