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What Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp ($0.99): Kindle Edition!

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thunderstormLooks like we are going to be experiencing some pretty good rain and some thunderstorms here in Erie, PA later today or tomorrow. I was listening to a Detroit radio station as I drove this morning and they are having some significant storms already in that region.

What can we learn about God about thunderstorms?  Paul Tripp wrote about this recently and based on Psalm 29 reminds us that thunderstorms remind us of God’s glory and power and yet they are not designed to intimidate us but rather to invite us to draw nearer to God  and be blessed by Him.

An excerpt from Thunderstorms:

God’s glory and power is not meant to scare us away. In fact, it’s meant to draw us near, strengthen our spirit, and calm our soul.

You see, the same God who has the power to control the storm is the same God who resides in your soul. When David wrote this Psalm, the Lord lived in the temple (v. 9), but today, our bodies are the temple in which the presence of God dwells (1 Corinthians 6:19).

In addition, if God has the ability to control the most powerful elements of nature, does he not have the ability to control the elements of your everyday life? The next time you experience a storm, let it remind you of the glory and power of God, and let it give strength and peace to your soul.

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A new Kindle deal for you: Relationships: A Mess Worth Making by Tim Lane & Paul Tripp (Free at least today)!

The Green Grass Session – Here’s a new (and unexpected) release from the Getty’s!

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Some of Paul Tripp’s remarks on prayer in a sermon on James 5:13-18.

“I need the reminder that God is present; He is near, and He’s a God of powerful, transforming grace. Do you live like you believe that?

“You can’t think about prayer without thinking about Jesus. Prayer is an argument for Jesus. It was the life of Jesus, that perfect life of obedience, the death of Jesus where he took our sins on Himself, the resurrection of Jesus where He conquered sin and death and gifted us with life.  That is the reason, the only reason that we can receive this invitation from our God to come to Him in prayer. He welcomes us because of Jesus. Jesus is the door of entry to the presence of God.”

“Do you really pray? Are you taking advantage of the resources God has placed in your life?”

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What you recognize in prayer

“God invites you to seek His help in your moment of trouble. It’s an amazing thing, prayer is.  Think about what prayer is about. When you pray, you recognize the sovereignty of God. When you pray, you recognize the presence of God. When you pray, you recognize the power of God. When you pray, you recognize the love and mercy and grace of God.”–Paul Tripp

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Strange Fire by John MacArthur ($0.99)

A Quest for More – New Growth Press is offering Paul Tripp’s book A Quest for More as a free download. Today only!

Need I say more!  You won’t find a better deal than this today (unless MacArthur’s book was free!)


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