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That’s the name of a new weekly news program that you can listen to on the radio, on-line, or as a podcast.

I have added it to my podcast schedule and have really enjoyed it!  Comes out every Saturday at around noon on-line.

Read more about this program that delivers news with a Christian worldview–a production of WORLD Magazine which is also available on-line, in print or on the ipad!

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A follow up response to what I posted from Justin Taylor’s blog yesterday on one of WORLD magazine’s writers assertion that Glenn Beck “is a new creation in Christ.”

“WORLD’s position: All of us need editing. Our website editing system failed in regard to Andrée’s post about Glenn Beck. The breadth of response points out confusion concerning Beck and where he stands. Rather than speculating further, we will push to interview him and ask hard questions. One of the hardest aspects of reporting is assessing hearts, so we try not to do it: We look at what individuals do and say rather than attempting to analyze their relationship with God. For a sense of WORLD’s current understanding of the Beck phenomenon, see “Beckoning Christians.”

Mickey McClean

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A lot is at stake when a prominent and otherwise skillful writer at WORLD magazine calls Glenn Beck, a self-proclaimed believing and practicing Mormon, “a new creation in Christ.”

Justin Taylor says it well:

Not to exaggerate, but reading Andrée Seu’s latest article felt a bit like a punch in the gut. She is one of my favorite writers at World Magazine. She writes with skill, grace, wisdom, and spiritual insight.

But now she is saying that she is convinced Glenn Beck is “a new creation in Christ,” even though he is a practicing and believing Mormon.

It’s tragic that she would believe this, write this, and that World would publish it.

A few short thoughts in response. Click for more here. . . .

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Stephen Meyer is WORLD Magazine’s “Daniel of the Year.”  He is articulate, smart, quick on his feet, and bold!  God is using him to pull down the strongholds of evolutionary thinking.  Marvin Olasky reports that Meyer, “director of the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, fights to show that all lives have eternal value because they are the work of a Creator and not the product of chance.”

I heard Dr. Meyer on the radio this week and was very impressed with the way that he interacts with skeptics and supporters alike.

Read the story here.

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How do you teach your kids a biblical worldview, to think Christianly, and to develop Christian character.  God’ World News is a helpful resource.

The four monthly grade-appropriate editions—used by schools, homeschoolers, and individual families—offer reports on current events that are engaging, challenging, and written from a biblical point of view. If you have a school-aged child or grandchild or friend of the family, I encourage you to give God’s World News a try (it would make a thoughtful Christmas gift). And now’s a great time to check the magazines out: The December issues are available online for free.

If you want just a sampling of the excellent work the GWN team does each month, I recommend that you download this special section on Worldviews from December’s Top Story (for grades six and up).

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Here are a couple of interesting pieces trying to apply God’s Word to the huge areas of music and technology

Andree Seu writes, “I used to think one’s music listening habits were inconsequential. Or what theologians call “adiophora” (“things in different”). Nevertheless, when I listen to certain music whose message is at odds with the Truth, I feel a little like I’m cheating on my husband.”

And Vern Poythress writes in “Me, Myself and IPhone”,

Science, it is said, will solve the problems of world hunger. It will bring world peace. And more and better technology will solve the problems introduced by lesser technology.

welcome <!– Want to read more? Get news and commentary each week from WORLD Magazine and up-to-the-minute news and features from WORLDMag.com. Click here to find out how! –> <!– WORLD Special Offer –>

Well, sometimes; and in some ways. Maybe science will find an efficient way to harness nuclear fusion to produce clean power—or maybe not. But we can be awash in technology and still be hate-filled or lonely. You can have 200 friends on Facebook and have no one who really knows you, no one who loves you.”

Both articles (links above) are helpful in reminding ourselves that God cares what we sing and how we use technology!

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