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Kevin DeYoung:

I think one of the main reasons we struggle to tell people about Jesus is that deep down we just don’t think it will ever work. We think we’ve already tried to share with people before and nobody was interested. We imagine sharing our faith to be nothing but muscling up our strength to go do our duty and embrace failure. We soldier on, expecting fruitlessness, so we can say, “I did it, pastor.”

Most of us lack faith that God actually has people prepared for us who will listen. This is where the doctrine of predestination is the best news in the world. We have not yet exhausted the number of God’s elect. God has more people to be saved, so keep on sharing.

When Spurgeon was asked why he kept preaching the gospel when he believed in election, he replied, “Because the elect don’t have yellow stripes down their back.” In other words, he could not see who was elect and who was not, so he had to keep sharing, believing that God had more people who would listen.

The sovereignty of God is the greatest motivation for mission. God still has people, preordained from the beginning of time to be responsive to the gospel message. You may think that you have already shared with everyone who would possibly be interested in the gospel, but it is not so. Remember: that the Spirit of God goes before you. As the it says in Zachariah 4:6, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.”

God is more interested in saving people than we are in telling people how to be saved. So as we keep sharing, he will keep providing some to be saved.

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Pray on their behalf for

  1. Gospel Opportunities and advancement
  2. Protection and deliverance
  3. Personal holiness and refreshment

More here by Dave Prickett at Cripplegate


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Praying for China

The world’s largest country has a new leader.  These pictures tell the story. Pray for the spread of the gospel and the work of Christ’s church in this land as you browse.

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“In 1962 Don and Carol Richardson came into contact with a remote tribe in West New Guinea known as the Sawi people. They were cannabilistic headhunters without a written language, nor any clue about Jesus.

The Richardsons, along with their three children, preached the gospel to the Sawi people and witnessed a remarkable movement of God. The story is told in the best-selling book Peace Child and has inspired many to take the gospel to the furthest ends of the earth.

Just recently — fifty years after they first met the Sawi — the Richardsons returned to the village they once called home. This short 15-minute film from Pioneers documents that experience. It is one of the most amazing things you will ever see.”–DG Blog

View it here. . .

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Jesse Johnson mentions three lessons he has learned from the death of David Brainerd, a man of God whom we know much about because Jonathan Edwards published this man’s journal after he died.  Brainerd died young and suffered much.  Johnson writes of some takeaways from this life/death:

1) In the earthly sense, we simply don’t suffer like Brainerd/Edwards, et. al. The sacrifices pastors made then were simply different than now. My greatest trial yesterday was that my car’s battery died. I could have walked to church and instead a neighbor gave me a ride. That is not quite suffering for Jesus.

2) We are not sinning by not suffering. It’s not my fault that I live in 2012 and not 1747. It’s not my fault that my congregation loves me, while Brainerd was expelled. It is not a sin to not suffer. I feel willing to suffer, but I know it is easy to feel that way when the sky is clear. God’s providence has placed me in a country with blessings like Starbucks, police, and a plurality of pastors. My ministry mirrors Brainerd’s gospel, but not his afflictions.

3) Even the slightest complaining from me is totally and wholly out of bounds. Brainerd left Yale for Indians and death. Edwards left a thriving ministry for suffering on the frontier. The Apostle Peter left everything in this world to follow the Lord. As John Piper writes, “Jesus was not impressed with Peter’s sacrifice.” Our Lord left heaven to come to earth—and he did so without complaining. We can bite our tongues when we make 21st century kinds of sacrifices, and we can be thankful for the era of human history in which we live.

Read more about Brainerd in this post by Jesse

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Our church will be enjoying our Missions Conference in just over a week.  Missions is a significant part of our church life and it is always a joy to meet new missionaries for the first time or ones we have established a relationship with over years.

It’s also good this time of the year in our church life to re-aquaint ourselves with those who have been pioneers or well-known examples in missions.  That’s what Nathan does in this post called “A Life Not Wasted” on the life of Adoniram Judson.  Nathan points out Adoniram’s early struggle with faith–in fact renouncing it all until God used a great providence in his life to bring Adoniram to Christ. It goes on to give a brief overview of his ministry in India and Burma especially.

Even if you know a lot about Judson, take five minutes to refresh your memory of His life and impact!  Be reminded to not waste your life.

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“Frontline Missions has produced a simple way to pray for the spread of Christ’s fame among thirty-one of the gospel-hungriest nations. The free pdf includes a map of the 10/40 window identifying thirty-one countries with some key data about which to pray. All we need to do is pray for the one corresponding to today’s date. You can certainly find other tools that give much more information (most notably Operation World), but this single-page map gives a quick, easy, and focused way to pray.

Download it today. And let us pray.”

–Matthew Hoskinson


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