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Solomon wrote, “The day of death is better than the day of birth” (Ecclesiastes 7:1).

“A stunning truth for believers in Jesus: our death date is far more significant than our birth date. Birth dates signal the inauguration of trouble and hardship that will hound us every day that we live. However, the moment of death, for believers, signals the eternal end to the afflictions of what it is to be a human being.”–David Sitton, Reckless Abandon, p. 193

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A commentary by Dr. Will Varner of The Master’s College!  [He is one of our daughter’s favorite instructors!]  Yeah!

On Logos!  Double Yeah!

For an amazingly low price!  Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Check it out! 

And I can hardly wait till his more expansive commentary in Evangelical Exegetical Commentary series is available!


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Hope for a hopeless marriage

I have not listened to this yet, but I have heard from many quarters that this broadcast is powerful, hope-giving, and compelling.  I will let Thabiti give you a summary:

Last night my wife and I remained awake well past our bedtime, riveted to the story of Dean and Julie Peterson. Their story is a powerful account of God’s grace in restoring what appeared to be an utterly hopeless marriage. Revive Our Heart offers the interview in four parts. In a day where people have so little hope for difficult marriages, you will want to hear this interview and share it with friends. It won’t be a magic cure, but it just might demonstrate that people in bad marriages (30 years of unfaithfulness and lovelessness) can with the Lord’s help repair and thrive. This four-parter is well worth the hour-and-a-half or so it takes to listen.

Part 1: “Brokenness in Marriage“: Dean and Julie Petersen’s marriage began after a date rape and appeared to be over after a number of adulterous relationships. Dean was planning on killing his pastor. His wife went to this pastor for counseling and ended up in an adulterous relationship with him.

Part 2: “Is Love More Than Feelings?” Julie received a two-second hug from a co-worker. That set her on a descent into lust.

Part 3: “How Bitterness Can Lead to Impurity” Bitterness can lead to all sorts of other destructive sins. Discover the danger of bitterness in a marriage and learn to find freedom from it.

Part 4: “Seeing Your Husband for the First Time” Once romantic feelings of love are gone, is it possible to get them back? After resenting her husband, Julie Peterson started acting loving toward him.

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3 tactics for making sure the internet doesn’t suck up all your time:

1) Turn your IM off

2) Check your email less frequently

3) Schedule time for social media

This article from Fast Company explains how and why!

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Your focus today

Click to enlarge.  (HT: Facets of Grace)

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And they are all free!

Need I say more!

Take a look!

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