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“Your husband doesn’t only need you to pray that he has a good day, is successful, and walks with Jesus. These are not bad requests, but are rather generic prayers that have too little specific direction behind them. What our husbands need from us are specific prayers, hard prayers, for their growth in godliness. I love my husband and I want what is best for him. And the best thing for him is to be a man who who lives for the glory of God.

Here are five hard prayers I pray for my husband, and would encourage you to pray for yours.”

Jen lists these and explains briefly what she means.

  1. Conviction of sin
  2. Humility of heart
  3. Patience in life
  4. Love for God
  5. Discipline from God

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Right now, you can get R. C. Sproul’s 17-volume Crucial Questions series for free!

Throughout these 17 books, Sproul explores the core questions people ask about Christianity. You’ll get titles like Can I Be Sure I’m Saved?, Does God Control Everything?, What Is Faith?, and Who Is the Holy Spirit?—books that give you simple, biblical responses to some of the most challenging issues in apologetics and evangelism. (Note you don’t have to invest any money in Logos to read this material. They have a free Vyrso Reader).

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An Ordinary Pastor named Erik reminds us of how Christians become godly.

If you have been spiritually lazy and not giving the Bible its rightful place. If you have been banking on the “Get spiritual quick” schemes then you can make the change. You can realize that you cannot microwave your holiness. You don’t start talking like John Piper or DA Carson by simply saying “I’d like to be a godly man.” You and I have got to decide to walk the slow, winding narrow path of biblical faithfulness day after day. Then, after a period of time we will turn around, and, by God’s grace, say, “God has changed me.” This is how he does it.

Read more from a short post called The Compound Effect


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Vaneetha shares what she needs to remind herself as she suffers:

I sit at the counter, tears streaming down my face, flooded with emotion. I scream into my empty house, “God, how could you do this to me? Don’t you love me? I’ve been faithful. Doesn’t that count for something? Why don’t you fix this?” Then I finish my tantrum with God, and sink into self-pity. I decide that God answers other people’s prayers but not mine. That he is unconcerned about my pain. And that my suffering is meaningless.

Of course, these are the lies of Satan.

I wish I didn’t listen to them, or know them by heart, or repeat them almost instinctively.

I wish, in the heat of battle, when life is falling apart, my first response would be grace-filled. Patient. Christ-like. I wish that I would savor the sweetness of God’s sustaining grace, and never question him again. But unfortunately I’m not there. Not yet.

So I close my eyes and breathe deeply. I need to repent. To heed Martyn Lloyd–Jones advice: To stop listening to myself and start talking. On the back of an envelope, I jot down what I need to remind myself.

Seven things I must do.

Keep reading here: Seven Things That Transform Suffering

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Tim Challies has a post that will help you when you are just plain grumpy.  This is a great post to read on a Monday morning or any other time you might find yourself battling impatience, irritability or unrighteous anger.  Tim suggests a process that you can complete in a just a few minutes that will help you overcome this sin.  By going to the gospel, calling it what it is, giving it a name, going to the source, and countering error with truth, you can put off grumpiness and put on the fruit of the Spirit which is joy!

So read “How to Beat that Bad Mood” and apply the biblical counsel now!

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“We must not think that [God] takes no notice of us, when He does not answer our wishes: for He has a right to distinguish what we actually need.” —John Calvin

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John MacArthur’s book Found: God’s Will is free on Kindle!  Today only (from what I understand).  Get it here now!


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