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The price of experience

“Experience is a good teacher, but the tuition can be very high.”–Bob Welch

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How do you make life-transforming decisions?  I am talking about important ones regarding your marriage, finances, child-rearing, and spiritual issues.  Here are five options or paths we take:

  • Ignore them as long as possible
  • Wait until you get motivated to action
  • Look for an experience to motivate you into action (search for that mountain top experience)
  • Wait until God motivates you to action (that lightning bolt from heaven)
  • Start today implementing a vision, goals and strategies to help you reach life-transforming practices

What decisions do you need to make regarding your life vision right now? Which of the above paths are you following?  Rememeber that God’s sanctifying grace stands ready to assist you but you must labor and do the hard things!

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